CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR DUTIES + Current H&H MT-Approved RN-Clinical Instrs & CNA Exam Proctors @ bottom
(Heart and Hands is "Review/Challenge" Prep for CNA Certification Exam ONLY.)
A.MT- Approved CNA Clinical Instructor credentials must be maintained and kept on-file and available for review at the MT-approved facility/site.
B. Agreement (2 items for your files) to Complete Heart and Hands Training:
    1. Online Payment Receipt is Agreement to Complete Training ALONG WITH:
    2. My Email/Online Acknowledgement of Student's PreTest Submission.
        NOTE: Filing of all email correspondence is recommended for records, also.
C. MT-NASCC completed, signed, and dated* for each student (+copy given to student for his/her own records, also) completing the class. 
   **A copy MUST BE EMAILED to me, so I can award a student completion certificate.
D. KNOW HOW TO: CHECK  online for online records for all the above.
LAB/CLINICAL ON-SITE HOURS (RN-Clinical Instructor):
  • Prior to Student Lab/Clinical: Please, arrange pre-clinical hour for Site Orientation: Introductions, Rules/Policies, Schedule, etc. This may take place anytime before lab/clinical hours.
  • Students must satisfactorily demonstrate under direct RN-supervision all the skills in both the MT CNA Candidate Handbook and MT-NASCC (RN-CI Portion: Fillable/Printable MT-NASCC PDF) before performing them under the general supervision of a licensed nurse. (25-32 hours* NOT to begin before successful completion of the first 5 chapters AND at least through the Blood Pressure Skill Activity Online. It is preferred that they complete all online class activities prior to lab/clinical. RN-PC sends copies of each test score and the Blood Pressure & Fluid Intake Activities as they come in.) 
  • Document that the Student has completed the minimum number of 25-32 lab/clinical hours. Write this information (*each clinical date + hours, ie number of hours for each day) on the top or bottom of the MT-NASCC form BEFORE sending the accurately completed and signed form to the RN-PC to add to the MT-NATP documentation filing cabinet for "official certificate of completion."
*Use 1 of these methods:
1.Submit online 3-question Verification that the above paper form was completed and is "on-file" at the site/facility. (Students date&check-off each skill in another online form, as well.) An online/signed-by-RN-PC version of this MT-NASCC will be posted and available to Lab/Clinical Instructor and student and MT surveyors.
2.Scan (or photo each MT NASCC page) & email to RN-PC the entirely-completed-as-directed MT-NASCC as pdf. (The students, at RN-CI discretion, may post the dates on the paper form, but the Lab/Clinical Instructor MUST initial and sign. Make sure the student has a signed paper copy, also, as above.)
3.If correctly executed, this document may alternatively be filled, signed, and shared (by both RN-PC and Clinical Instructor only) via sites like: and
4.If absolutely necessary, faxing is possible; call me immediately prior to sending a fax for more info.
Heart and Hands Online Instructor/RN-Program Coordinator: After review and ascertaining full MT-NATP completion, RN-PC will sign online  version of completion documents, and students will then be released for MT certification Testing, ie will be issued a MT-NATP certificate of completion which is required for MT-Exam registration as proof of full MT-NATP completion. If the student has not completed all MT-NATP requirements, challenging the State Exam 1 time is possible in MT (if the candidate has not already exhausted that option). For the student and lab/clinical instructor, RN-PC will, also, send and securely store online copies of the MT-NASCCs and Completion Certificates, available for 2 years after class completion only.

Refer to Fed/MT Regulations (p25-33): 483.152a, p25-28 in particular, for the minimum MT expectations of clinical.
HEART & HANDS POLICY & CURRICULUM INFO for clinical is to follow MT regulations above and additionally clinical facility policies.

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RECENT/CURRENT OFFICIALLY LISTED MT-Approved Heart and Hands Training RN-Clinical Instructors: 

(currently only for students intending to be employed at Dahl Memorial Healthcare)

Katie Stieg, RN*

Dahl Memorial Healthcare

215 Sandy St

Ekalaka, MT 59324


*currently only for students intending to be employed at Dahl Memorial Healthcare

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RECENT/CURRENT OFFICIALLY MT-Approved Heart and Hands Training CNA Exam Proctors: 

*Proctors must follow MT Headmaster Policy & Testing Instructions & MT Regulations for Competency Evaluation.

Patricia Rogers, RN




EKALAKA, MT  59324



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THE FOLLOWING IS the SEQUENCE OF EVENTS for the MT CNA EXAM process for those SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETING ALL of the MT-NATP TRAINING, including Facility/Site Clinical via above entities. RESPONSIBILITY in Step #1 IS TO: Read ALL right of red arrow and CLICK on it to complete the REQUIRED form.)

Step 3: STUDENT/CANDIDATE's ability to complete the following hinges on H&H PC completing her responsibility, noted to the right of that step 3 in the list of steps above.

RE STUDENTS PAYING FOR EXAMS: IF STUDENTS or PROCTORS NEED FURTHER ASSISTANCE (click here) with Payment or Scheduling Steps 4 & 5, CLICK HERE, OR with scheduling a MT "CHALLENGE" EXAM=>

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