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Discipler Job Description

Discipler Job Description




Requirements to become a Growing Strong Discipler

  1. Must have gone through all three books and graduated with all requirements according to check off.
  2. Must share Christ consistently, as a way of life, demonstrating good character in the church, home life and at work.
  3. Must have gone through the leadership training. 



  1. Demonstrates the Following:  Must share Christ consistently, as a way of life, demonstrating good character in the church, home life and at work.  Must be having daily quiet times and maintain the Growing Strong verses accurately.
  2. Really Care.  Really care about their people (John 10:13 and Phil 2:20-21).  This includes praying weekly for each of the people in their group.
  3. Vision-casting.  Consistently reinforce the defining vision of the ministry: the pursuit of a fruitful and highly personal walk with the Lord. He or she must guard against the idea that it is about “checking boxes.” He or she must be radically committed to love and serve each and every person at the table toward their individual growth.

  4. Preparation.  Take note of the suggestions in the Leader’s Guide for each of the sessions and also prepare additional understanding questions to add value to the small group discussions.
  5. Encourager:  The Leaders are responsible for setting the tone and leading the discussion during the Bible studies and the other activities that occur during the sessions. The Leader must be enthusiastic about the material and “living it out” in his/her own life in order to transfer the fire of the Gospel and light to others. He/she must be passionate about pursuing God if they are to lead others to a true, unquenchable desire for a closer walk, a deeper relationship with Jesus.  The Leaders also will encourage their group outside of the class time through their other primary responsibility: follow up. 
  6. Follow Up:  The Leaders should be pursuing relationships with those outside of the class time. The goal of the ministry is to make disciples and this does not happen solely by taking a class. It can happen through one-on-one relationships that are founded on a mutual desire to follow Christ. Seeking God together in the class will help to create the foundation for these relationships but time spent outside of the class is the real key to true discipleship.  What does follow-up look like for each of us? Is it meeting someone for coffee to review a lesson or go over verses? Is it a timely email that exhorts and encourages? Is it a phone call when we notice that someone has missed a couple of weeks? Maybe it’s a card or a note of prayer. Whatever it is, let's do it with love and for His glory, showing ourselves to be His disciples.
  7. Those who missed a session:  Contact each person who has missed a session within 2 days.  A good guideline would be to start with an e-mail message that they were missed and outline the assignments for the next session. If they respond by e-mail, then no further communication may be required. If no e-mail response is received within a couple of days, a phone call may be warranted. In most cases, it will not be considered intrusive to inquire about someone's well being and to provide them with the information they need to stay on track.

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