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Diana Owens is a licensed clinical social worker, sex therapist, and life and relationship coach. With a master' s degree in social work, her training also includes hypnotherapy, bio-energetics, psycho-synthesis and the treatment of sexual abuse. She maintains a private practice in Phoenix Arizona.

As a Tantra teacher, author, and facilitator, her passionate and experiential approach has inspired countless students for over 20 years.  She was certified as a Sky-Dancing Tantra teacher by Margot Anand, and has also studied with Laurie Handlers, Steve and Lokita Carter,  Carolyn Muir,  David Schnarch,  and Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks.

Diana is an avid hiker, dancer and yoga enthusiast, and a tireless advocate for the human body's ability to transcend all limitations.


To learn more about Diana's work, go to Diana Owens.com or www.Lovingway.net/community.  Hear her weekly radio show at www.TantraTalkRadio.com

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