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MT EXAM CERTIFICATION TESTING PROCESS<=[click & scroll to bottom of page]

WHEN ALL PREVIOUS STEPS IN THE PROCESS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED, you will receive this instructional information:


You may schedule your exam date on-line at any time at www.hdmaster.com.

  • Click on the "Montana" link listed under "Nurse Aide".
  • When you reach the Montana CNA Testing and Certification webpage click on: WebETest © On-line Testing
  • When you reach the Montana CNA Testing webpage click on Select Test Event / Re-schedule.
  • You will need your TEST ID#0000-000-000 ] and your PIN# [ **** ] to login.   (Put these in exactly as shown, EXCEPT NO HYPHENS in between the numbers for the test ID)
  • Before paying or scheduling your test you must read and acknowledge the attestation paragraph at the bottom of the page.
  • You must make payment for the test before you will be able to schedule. The prepay by credit card option is under the Self-Pay or Sponsored section.
  • View Test Schedule to see available exam dates.
  • Select a test site... from the drop-down list.
  • Select a test date from the drop down list.
  • Submit Updates to schedule test.
  • Print the exam confirmation letter provided (If you do not see a separate screen with your test confirmation, you are not scheduled to test).

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