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 Open Letter to Rogers Communications - Mobile

May 1, 2017, it was early morning and I was still in bed when I received a message from Rogers Mobile to let me know that I’ve used 90% of my MDP or monthly data plan. This was accurate, in my opinion. I always make sure to monitor my data usage. Furthermore, I connect to Wi-Fi while I am at home and wherever I can disable my mobile data.


They asked me to top up my account by paying $7 for an extra 300 MB or $15 for 1 GB. I replied, “OPTOUT” to stop receiving such message. Here is the kicker and why in the eye of any person capable of using common sense, Rogers could be manipulating the system to scan people out of money.



Lo and behold, as soon as I hit send after choosing to opt out, I received another text from Rogers: “You have reached 100% of your monthly data.” I was laughing like a seal. But this isn’t funny. How can Rogers explained this?


I called the Canadian-Radio Television Commission, which regulates telecommunications in the interest of the public, and discovered that companies like Rogers are a government within a government. And you, as a consumer, are pretty insignificant.


I was told to contact the Office of the President at Rogers. Three days later, I received an E-mail from Toney Williams. “I am an advisor within The Office of The President who will be investigating your wireless related concerns – specifically data,” he said. Mr. Williams also provided his e-mail and contact number.



Mr. Williams also provided his contact information: Toney Williams, Office Of The President Advisor, toney.williams@rci.rogers.com o 416-446-6559 t 866-221-1636


I must admit that I was more disappointed after talking to Mr. Williams on the phone, as he didn’t give me any confidence or explained how this is possible. Although, he could not make sense of the discrepancy, Mr. Williams did recommend that I download the My Rogers Application. Apparently, this App would help you monitor your data usage more accurately.


However, in my humble opinion, the system is somebody and somebody is the system! In other words, somebody seems to manipulate the system at will to incur more charges or the charges the consumer never incurs, to make sure they get those bonuses. This is the only explanation.


May 1, I was still in bed when (via text message) Rogers asked me to top up my account; I was still in bed when I replied “OPTOUT”; I was still in bed when then Rogers sent me another message telling me that I have used 100% of my MDP and that the new cycle would reset itself four days later.


Concerned about incurring additional charges, I contacted Rogers and asked that my data be blocked until the start of the new cycle.



I have no problems receiving a message to tell me that I have used 90% or 100% of my MDP and leave it at that. It is concerning, however, when you receive an instantaneous subsequent  message from Rogers telling you that you have used 100% of MDP – just because you declined to purchase more gigabytes. I was robbed of at least 1 GB. This is shady.



I have attached screenshots of the messages I received from Rogers attempting to get more money out of money. When I opted out of at least considering purchasing more data from Rogers, they thought they would force me anyway.


Your only option, as a consumer, is to check the competition and hope they don’t do this – but then again, this is the nature of the business. If you don’t get shafted by them on the way in – you get shafted by them on the way out. April 1, I had over 1 GB of data left.








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