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  • A man folds his hands in prayer

    Pray before you study. The Bible contains the thoughts of the almighty God that he had recorded for your benefit. So when you read the Bible, seek his help to understand it, retain it, and apply it in your life.​—Ezra 7:10.

  • A man asks himself a question

    Ask yourself questions as you read the Bible or Bible-based literature: ‘What does this passage tell me about Jehovah? How does it contribute to the overall message of his Word? How can I use these thoughts to help others?’

  • A man meditates

    Meditate on what you study. Stop reading and think: ‘How does this material make me feel? Why does it make me feel that way? How does it relate to my past experiences, to my current situation, or to possible future events? How can I apply these Bible principles and this counsel in my life?’ (Job 23:5; Ps. 49:3) See if you can explain why Jehovah urges his people to avoid certain practices or what the consequences of a different course of action would likely be.​—Deut. 32:28, 29.

  • A man imagines Bible accounts

    Use your imagination when reading descriptive passages. Can you, for example, picture the scene as Joseph’s brothers sell him to the Ishmaelites? (Gen. 37:18-28) What do you see, hear, and smell? Put yourself in the place of the characters. What are they thinking and feeling? Such thoughts will make your study more vivid and meaningful.

  • A man uses study tools

    Use the study tools that have been provided to enrich your research. Get familiar with the tools available in your language, both online and in print. Do not hesitate to ask others to help you learn how to use them effectively. The Watch Tower Publications Index or the Research Guide for Jehovah’s Witnesses, for example, will help you to locate what has been written on many topics and to find explanations of many Bible verses. Use the appendixes of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures if available in a language you know. These provide useful information on geography, chronology, weights and measures, and so on.

  • A man summarizes key points

    Summarize key points in the material to help you remember what you have just studied. Better still, share it with others. Is there something you can use in your ministry? In these ways, you not only fix the main points in your mind but also use what you have studied to benefit others.

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