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Finding and Maintaining Joy (2020 Regional Convention)
Again, I am blown away to the point of tears of humility and joy! I know it sounds crazy, but I never cease to be amazed at the organization of this worldwide organization serving any and all mankind to the very nooks and crannies of the earth, utilizing every tool imaginable as soon as it is available.

Hopefully, this program will be made available to all, same as this past summer's [regional convention]( put on entirely by the Governing Body for the whole wide world, reaching and upbuilding them one way or the other, either TV on online, etc. Wow! Since I do not know when (maybe after the 1st of the year is what I am thinking) any of the videos from this Circuit Assembly may be added online, I want to share and review at the same time here.

So far, we are reviewing [Psalms 32: 1-11]( and how we can rejoice in Jehovah's forgiveness, protection and instruction. Another scripture of note is [Isaiah 30:15]("...Your strength will be in keeping calm and showing trust..."

### How Does Jehovah Help Us Rejoice?

Brother Melanfont presented the first talk about joy using Psalms-32.

Jehovah's Witnesses are a happy and joyful people. Why? What is it that enables us to remain joyful and happy in the midst of this morally corrupt and God dishonoring world? It's because our happiness and joy are founded on our relationship with Jehovah God. In fact, Jehovah God is the source of our joy and happiness. Psalms 32, written by David, is the theme text of our Circuit Assembly program. It shows that our joy is directly connected to Jehovah. Psalm 32:11 reads, "Rejoice in Jehovah." No one else is mentioned. We focus our attention on Jehovah God, and then it says, "And be joyful you righteous ones. Shout joyfully all you who are upright in heart." This psalm that David wrote focuses on three loving provisions that Jehovah made and that made David rejoice. The provisions are forgiveness, protection, and instruction.

Let's start with forgiveness. In Psalm 32:1-5, David says, "Happy is the one whose transgression is pardoned, whose sin is covered. Happy is the man whom Jehovah does not charge with guilt in whose spirit there is no deceit." Then David goes on to reveal how he felt before he confessed his sins to Jehovah in verses 3-5, "When I kept silent my bones wasted away because of my groaning all day long. For day and night, your hand was heavy upon me." Yes, David's conscience was bothering him because he knew that he had violated God's righteous laws. And, he goes on and he says, "My strength evaporated like water in the dry summer heat. Finally, I confessed my sin to you. I did not cover my error. I said: I will confess my transgressions to Jehovah and you pardoned the error of my sins." It was Jehovah's forgiveness that made David happy and Jehovah could see into David's heart. He knew for certainty that David was truly repentant, and that's very comforting because Jehovah can look into our heart and see that we are genuine in our repentance for wrongdoing.

At times we may feel as David did because of our imperfections and errors, and that can be very discouraging. Jehova knows we want to obey him. We are his dedicated servants, and he knows we're made of dust. Jehovah God is patient with us because he really does care for us, so we don't want to quit. Never give up in observing our great God Jehovah. Receiving Jehovah's forgiveness through faith in Christ Ransom sacrifice is the cause of great joy for us. Jesus died for us that means that he took our place in death. That allows us to pursue a good relationship with Jehovah because our sins have been paid for. Jesus sacrifice is what makes our relationship with Jehovah God possible. So daily meditating, thinking about what Jesus did and how Jehovah provided that sacrifice should touch our hearts, and it deepens our joy in serving and knowing our God.

The second provision that David mentioned is protection. Psalm 32: 6, 7. As we read, David said, "This is why every loyal one will pray to you." David certainly was a loyal one! "While you may yet be found. Then even the flood waters will not reach him." Then David says, "You Jehovah were a hiding place for me; you will safeguard me from distress. You will surround me with joyful shouts of deliverance." David rejoiced greatly because Jehovah consistently protected him from his enemies, and his enemies could be likened to flood waters surrounding him. David was loyal to Jehovah, and he knew that Jehovah God was on his side. We're living at a remarkable time where we still can approach Jehovah in prayer and beg for his tender mercies, and it's remarkable the protection that we feel as Jehovah's people today. When you think about it, we don't engage in physical combat to protect ourselves. Our protection, our defense against all enemies is our trust in Jehovah God and the assurance we have from him that he will help with whatever trials may come our way. We don't expect miraculous intervention, but of this we can be sure Jehovah will help us to remain faithful regardless of the obstacles that we may face and that is faithful even unto death. Nothing Satan and his agents do can prevent Jehovah from loving us and protecting us.

We pray for Jehovah's protection. At Isaiah 30:15, we find this most interesting comment. Isaiah 30:15 says, Your strength will be in keeping calm and showing trust.' what Good Counsel for all of us. Calmness by not exciting ourselves over human schemes and trust by having absolute faith in Jehovah God and his promises.

See Psalm 32:8,9. Jehovah is speaking to David, "But, I will give you insight and instruct you in the way you should go. I will give you advice with my eye upon you." But, then Jehovah gives a warning that many people don't heed and the warning at verse 9 tells us, "Do not become like a horse or a mule without understanding whose spiritedness must be controlled with a bridle or a halter before it will come near to you. No, we don't want to drift away from Jehovah be stubborn and resist Jehovah's way. We want to willingly submit to all that Jehovah requires of us. Jehovah God gave David instruction and insight because of his word. David had thinking ability. He could see beyond the surface appearance of a situation. So, when faced with temptation in the future, David would be able to anticipate the outcome of his actions, and then he could see what the effect would possibly be and act wisely by applying scriptural counsel. Jehovah's instruction is far superior to anything the world has to offer, and if we follow it, we can overcome any trial or problem. His instructions help us to discern goals that are truly beneficial, that can protect us from wasting our life on pursuing worthless pursuits or things in this world.

What if we have lost our joy? Jehovah is ready to help us to regain it. He's not expecting perfection. He knows that we are dust, but he knows that we love him, and so he looks to us. He provides his spirit as he looks upon us and blesses us as we endeavor to serve him faithfully. These qualities are truly dear to Jehovah our God: forgiveness, protection, and instruction, all found in Psalms 32. Note how David concludes Psalms 32:10. David wrote, "Many are the Pains of the wicked but the one trusting in Jehovah is surrounded by his loyal love.

Review Question: What are 3 provision from Jehovah that bring us joy? Psalms 32: Jehovah's forgiveness, protection, and instruction.

### Maintaining Joy Amidst Difficult Circumstances

The second brother, Brother Ferguson, continued speaking of joy:

Life can be full of difficult trials leaving us to conclude that maintaining Joy is an impossibility. It's encouraging to know that Jehovah is sensitive to those feelings, and he's aware of every single weight and burden that you may carry and that's why he's given us something real to look forward to just around the corner when we are going to experience that tremendous joy as Jehovah rewards all those that endure to the end. But, the main point of this talk is not so much the near future it's more so the present, and it could be summed up like this: "Although we deal with many trials, some real tribulations, we do not have to wait for the new system to experience a deep joy right now. You may say, "How can that be? My trials are likely to be here tomorrow. That maybe true. Yet, we do not have to wait for the new system to experience the joy that can actually outweigh every trial, every burden, we currently face. That's a tall order. How can we attain that? What powerful sources can give us joy regardless of our circumstances? We will briefly discuss six things that can be a constant source of joy.

* Maintaining a close relationship with Jehovah.
- We are in expectation of Jehovah. He cares so much. He is our helper and our shield - [Psalms 33:20]( Today and always, our first source of Joy will always be a close personal relationship with Jehovah. Why is that? It's not just because he's all-powerful or because he's all wise. It's because he cares so much for us individually that he's made a way for us to have his approval and his protection despite our imperfections. Jehovah, the God of the universe offers us His friendship. That's priceless and it can be an ever-present source of Joy. The scripture that supports that is found at [Psalms 5: 11,12]( says, "But all those who take refuge in you will rejoice; They will always shout joyfully. You will block approach to them and those who love your name will rejoice in you. For you will bless anyone righteous O Jehovah; you will surround them with approval as with a large shield." Notice in this verse the protection Jehovah gives those who have his approval is symbolized as a large shield. That's the large Roman shield that covers the entire body. But, shields don't prevent an enemy from shooting the missiles toward you, and Jehovah doesn't take away every trial and burden we might encounter. But, like a shield, he blocks approach to us by describing how our enemies, our trials, and our burdens don't get the best of us. He keeps it from striking us down. We maintain our integrity. We keep standing, and that's a source of joy. we maintain, taking refuge under his constant protection.

* An accurate knowledge of Bible truth and hope for the future, or an accurate knowledge of God and His purposes. Can you imagine facing the uncertainties of the world we live in right now without a clear knowledge of Bible truth giving us the understanding of just where we are in the stream of time and what to expect in our future? Just as important, we have a clear understanding of why things are the way they are right now. No, we don't have all the details, but He has given us enough so we walk with the certainty about our future and that confidence is a constant source of joy.
- This helps us understand how and why things are as they are in the world today and helps us live by fruitages of the spirit.-([Colossians 1_9,10](
- It also shows and gives us the hope for the future through Him and Jesus. [John 17:3](
- "Indeed, who will harm you if you become zealous for what is good? But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are happy. However, do not fear what they fear, nor be disturbed. But sanctify the Christ as Lord in your hearts, always ready to make a defense before everyone who demands of you a reason for the hope you have, but doing so with a mild temper and deep respect." -[1Peter 3:13-15](

* Joy is an unlimited renewable resource.
- It comes in the form of kindness, giving things to others. Kindness is the vehicle. It is an unlimited source of joy because it is not limited by just what we have to share, but it is more so dependendent on an attitude that we can share with anyone at any time without cost. Showing kindness to our family members, our brothers and sisters in the congregation and others is actually a source of great joy for us How is that so? The Apostle Paul saw it so important that he reminded Christians of Jesus familiar words. They're so familiar he didn't want us to underestimate their power so he said, "We must keep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus when he himself said, "There is more joy in giving than there is in receiving." [Acts 20:35](

* The power of forgiveness
- “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you." - [Matthew 6:14](
-Think about the joy they we have with the weight of all our past sins wiped out to the extent that we are willing to forgive others. It's a tremendous source of joy that can start right now because it allows us to proceed unhindered by our past. We start looking forward with a view to joy. The power of joy!

* Accomplishment in the ministry (proclaiming God's Kingdom)
- At our [regional convention](, we also learned that accomplishing our ministry brings us happiness and satisfaction. Humans were made to rejoice in a sense of accomplishment, especially so when challenges require us to put our back to the work when we can see that the work is purposeful, that it has meaning to ourselves and to Jehovah. It's foster's in us a drive to see it through to completion. The COVID pandemic has impacted many of us, but it did not stop our ministry and its joy. Instead we contemplated on how God has always assisted amd blessed this work. And, now we sense the joy of completing the final part of this work as Jehovah gives to us and directs us by any means necessary. This is a constant source of accomplishment and joy.
- Although we are imperfect, we can take heart from Paul’s words: “We have this treasure [of the ministry] in earthen vessels, that the power beyond what is normal may be God’s and not that out of ourselves.” ([2 Corinthians 4:7]( Yes, we can render acceptable service​—but only with God-given strength and wisdom.​-[1 Corinthians 1:26-31](

* Appreciating God's creation
- That sunset can be viewed through prison bars, and it can give our brothers hope now for their future. Observing animals in their environment and their interactions certainly bring us a source of joy, but also a sense of study all into the future. The sunset, the moon and the stars on a clear night is not something that can be purchased by one or they can be claimed by anyone, but is there to be enjoyed by everyone. The ancient prophet Isaiah described God as “the One who formed the earth, its Maker who firmly established it, who did not create it simply for nothing, but formed it to be inhabited.” ([Isaiah 45:18]( This earth has breathtaking landscapes that prove, yes, the Earth was meant to be inhabited but more so it was meant to be inhabited and enjoyed.
- "because what may be known about God is clearly evident among them, for God made it clear to them. For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world's creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable..." - [Romans 1:19-21](

We just discussed 6 things that can be an ongoing source of joy, but now we're going to shift our focus a few minutes to how we can help children find joy. What can bring them joy are the same things that we listed that bring joy to me and you. We know our parents are working hard to help our children develop a deep personal relationship with Jehovah, and nothing is more important building that relationship then helping them to know and to love God's name. That's our next key scripture. It highlights the powerful protective benefit of knowing that name. Let's read Psalms 91:14. The Psalmist is speaking under inspiration, "For God said, "Because he has affection for me, I will rescue him. I will protect him because he knows my name." Most fundamental in knowing God's name is to understand is rich meaning. It's a source of joy for our children also for us to know that not that He just can, but that He has and He will become whatever He needs to be to accomplish His purpose.

More personally, humans, being the crowning jewel of His physical creation, including young people can be used by Him to accomplish whatever he sees fit. You can be part of the joy of working in harmony with Jehovah. Can you imagine if you can just bring one person, between now and Armageddon, to know the joy of Jehovah the way you do, you can experience that Joy with that person and with others throughout all eternity. What a privilege and what a motivation. We teach our children to contemplate and appreciate all that Jehovah created for us. He's placed us in a beautiful environment that serves not just one but many functions, some of which are important for Life: like the water cycle, but that mountain stream, the waterfall... Those are meant to be appreciated right at the top of the list. We do want young ones to be realistic, so we are teach our children to cope with and expect some challenges that will come their way. We help them to use the joy of Jehovah to meet those challenges and even to see past them. And don't forget they could have despair, as well. Help them to dip into that limitless resource of kindness, giving to others... It's a constant source of joy for them.

I'd like to share with you at this time but thoughts of two younger ones in my congregation in response to a few questions we had. I asked 12 year old Angelina, whose been baptized about a year, what gifts from Jehovah bring her Joy, and she promptly said, "Prayer." That was a mature answer. She's already learned to rely on Jehovah, so I asked her, "What challenges does a 12 year old girl have today. Her answer was interesting. She said, "I really enjoy associating and working with the young adult sisters who Pioneer in my congregation. They seem to be happy. They include me though I'm younger and I want to make that my career goal. In school my teachers and my counselors say that's not a real goal. They want to replace my goals with their goals for how to succeed in this world. I asked her, "How do you deal with that?" She said, "I pray a lot." Then I got the connection. Her greatest joy helped her deal with her greatest challenge. I did ask her an easier question. I just asked her, "What do you look forward to a new system? She said, like most young ones, "Creation, the animals." I also asked 10 year old Brendan, a newly-approved publisher, what gift he enjoyed from Jehovah, and he said, "my relationship with him." I proceeded to ask him, "well, what are your greatest challenges?" He said, "Well, the kids in school want me to play video games, some of which are objectionable." I asked him if he liked to play video games. He said, "Yes, I do." I said, "Are you good at it? He said, "Yes, I am." Then can you see how something that you enjoy doing, that you're good at, could actually be your greatest challenge? But, though he is shy, when I asked him what helped him to resist the challenge to participate in objectionable videos, he said this confidently, "I want to be in the new system with my whole family." These what these two young ones said inspiring to me because I know that they have joy now, and they can experience join the future."

Now, I have a review question for all of you. How can we find joy? The answer is 2 scriptures: Psalm 5:11, 12, that's the one that says we can always rejoice in Jehovah, and then there's Psalm 91:14, which emphasized a powerful benefit of knowing God's name. So, whether young or old, we can experience joy now by developing a close personal relationship with Jehovah. The joy we experience now will help us to cope with our problems. In the new system, we won't be coping with these trials, but the same Joy of Jehovah is going to help us deepen a relationship that can expand throughout all eternity as we come to better know the God of Joy, Jehovah.

### Be Filled with Joy in the Ministry

How can we maintain our joy in the ministry despite difficult territory for personal challenges? This talk was presented By brother Robert Raines

Does your ministry fill you with joy? Actually when we're busy exerting ourselves in the preaching and teaching wor,k we can't help but be filled with excitement and enthusiasm, but as has been acknowledged there are circumstances that can cause a diminishment of our joy in the ministry. Satan would love nothing more than for some of these challenges to cause us to slow down in our ministry. By means of the scriptures today we're going to examine some of these challenges and see how we can overcome them and maintain our enjoy. In this connection, Jesus provided his anointed followers with a very appropriate illustration.

In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus spoke about three slaves who received talents, money, from their Master. The master and trusted his slaves with the responsibility to manage and invest his money because he was going abroad for a while. The master was not unreasonable. In verse 15, it says that he assigned the number of talents to each according to his own ability. Five to one, and 2 to another, and 1 to a third.

So, really, how much money was he leaving for them to invest? Interestingly, in Jesus day, we're told that a person would have to work for 19 to 20 years to accumulate the equivalent of just one talent. So, imagine the master left eight talents with his trusted slaves. It was a huge fortune.

When the master returned, he commended 2 of the slaves who did a good job investing. If you look at verse 21, notice what he said to each one of them. Well done, good and faithful slave! You were faithful over a few things. I will appoint you over many things. Enter into the joy of your master.

What was the point of this illustration? Jesus was teaching anointed Christians that they would need to be diligent in carrying out their responsibility to preach. Just as the Master's talents were valuable, Jesus used the commission to preach and make disciples as something very precious, valuable. So, anointed Christians who are diligent in this all-important work will be rewarded and enter into the joy of their master. Today, the anointed are supported by disciples who have an earthly hope. Will they be rewarded? Verse 34 tells us that indeed Jesus will reward all Christians for their diligent effort. They will all be joyful.

As acknowledged earlier, various challenges could diminish our participation in the preaching and teaching work. But, we're not alone with these types of challenges. Jesus himself faced certain circumstances that could have deterred him from his preaching and teaching work, but he prevailed and experienced great joy. Difficult circumstances also affected first century Christians. In Acts 13:50-52, we can learn about some challenges that Colin Barnabas face while preaching in Antioch. We read,"But the Jews incited the prominent women who were God-fearing and the principal men of the city, and they stirred up persecution against Paul and Barnabas and threw them outside their boundaries." They did not like hearing the truth. And, did you notice they didn't kindly ask Paul and Barnabas to leave, but they threw them out of the city?

How did Paul and Barnabas respond to such a challenge? Verse 51 says, "So they. Paul and Barnabas, shook the dust off their feet against them and went to Iconium." Notice in verse 52: "And the disciples, that is all the brothers who were still there in Antioch, continue to be filled with joy and holy spirit." Despite such intense opposition, why? How could it be? It was because those disciples could see beyond the moment of opposition. They remained confident that Jehovah and His holy spirit was backing them. On that same occasion, look at verse 38. Many Gentiles in Antioch, who were rightly disposed for everlasting life, became believers. What joy that must have brought the disciples.

Brothers we too can be filled with joy despite challenges that we may face in our ministry. Can you think of some challenges that you faced or others have faced? Let's look at two.

Some congregations as we know have more territory than they can cover. Others may be covering their territory quite often, maybe even weekly. Right now, we have a unique situation, as most of us are unable to engage and house-to-house or public ministry due to the global pandemic. So the question, how are we meeting these challenges and maintaining our joy? Simply put, just like the brothers in Antioch, we have confidence that Jehovah's holy spirit is supporting us. Jehovah's holy spirit is helping us to adapt and learn how to systematically go from house to house by telephone and letter-writing. Many of our brothers and sisters are being filled with joy as they fulfill their ministry under these circumstances.

Consider this experience of one sister who had been very diligent writing letters. She began to wonder if her efforts were having any results. What did she do? She specifically prayed to Jehovah, asking if he could provide her some acknowledgement in response to her letters. On that very same day she received this note from a man to whom she had written. He said, "I received your letter a couple of months ago. I appreciate the work you're doing. I just wanted to acknowledge you and say keep up the good work!" You can imagine how much joy that brought to our dear sister.

The Second Challenge in our territory: apathy, or indifference. Why are people so indifferent today? One reason is probably the deplorable record of false religion. Many no longer feel that religion has a place in how their lives. How do we meet such a challenge? We need to talk to people about matters that affect them: unemployment, poor health, or healthcare, the environment, the threat of war. Think about the effective training that we're receiving now from the faithful and discreet slave They are helping us to focus on starting conversations, as supposed to presentations, or years ago we would actually give sermons. Through the midweek meeting, we've been encouraged to do several things in starting conversations: 1. Be friendly and just speak to people; 2. Just start a conversation; and 3. Be alert for an opportunity to introduce the good news, but do not be in a hurry. Allow the conversation to develop naturally. Why? If we force matters, the person may become uneasy and stop conversing.

Here is an interesting point that was brought out in the midweek meeting. We don't have to be disappointed if the conversation ends before we can give a witness. Why do we say? Remember what happened to Paul and Barnabas they were thrown out of town. So, the conclusion is: we should not allow challenges in our territory to rob us of joy in our ministry.

Other challenges that we face may more personal. They may even effect our ministry. How can we rejoice despite these personal challenges? Let's look at 3.

Disaster and financial adversities are one. We all know that it seems when we turn on the news every day there's a new disaster: a flood, a fire, a tornado, a hurricane, an earthquake and now our worldwide Brotherhood is experiencing a devastating disaster all at the same time, global pandemic. These disasters, whether natural or man-made, can impact us in many ways. They can leave us without a home, without a job, and it could affect our spiritual routine. So despite this challenge, how can we find joy? We can see Jehovah's loving care of us through the comfort and relief efforts of our Brotherhood. Many of us have seen and experienced this loving care and have been helped to maintain joy by remaining active in the preaching work.

Many of our brothers are facing economic problems like they've never faced before. This can create a lot of pressure and can consume a lot of time. It can cause us to become overwhelmed. It can interfere with our share in the ministry. So, what can we do? What some have done when unemployed, in addition to diligently looking for practical ways to care for their family, is use this opportunity to increase their preaching activity. They've taken advantage of the daily virtual meetings for field service and then engaged in phone witnessing, letter writing, return visits and bible studies for a period of time. They have found that this Ministry is a source of great joy and really helps them to maintain balance. So, rather than being overwhelmed by despair over economic hardships, they know that Jehovah will care for them as promised in Matthew 6:33. Do not allow disasters and financial adversities to rob you of joy in your ministry.

What about health problems? Serious health problems can discourage us and can hinder participation in the ministry. It is a challenge. Notice the promise made in Psalms 145:10-14 that describes Jehovah's loyal ones who Praise Him and proclaim the glory of His kingship. That well describes our brothers and sisters who continue to praise Jehovah. Although limited by help, notice what verse 14 says about them. "Jehovah supports all who are falling and raises up all who are bowed down." Yes, Jehovah will support his loyal servants who may be bowed low by health problems. Many of our brothers and sisters suffering from serious health problems experienced great joy in finding ways to tell others about the Kingdom. One sister, who in her nineties, lives in a nursing home. She explains, "I start each day asking Jehovah to give me the desire and the power to give a witness then I asked him to create an opportunity for me to talk." As you can imagine, she's well-known in the nursing home. As one nurse said to her with tears in her eyes, "You have really given me hope." Others in the nursing home assist this sister to connect to congregation meetings and the JW Broadcasting programs. What a joy she experiences even with health problems. The conclusion is to not allow health problems to rob you of joy in your ministry.

How about negative feelings and personality conflicts? Due to human imperfection and reasoning, we all seem to have moments when we struggle with negative inward feelings about ourselves. This usually occurs when we failed to see ourselves the way Jehovah sees us. The discouragement that follows really saps our strength. It can zap our zeal and joy. What can we do? One of the most powerful ways to combat this is highlighted in Psalm 55:22: "Throw your burden on Jehovah, and he will sustain you. Never will he allow the righteous one to fall." Yes, we can talk to Jehovah about our problems. We can talk to him repeatedly. This brings to mind the chorus of one of the original song entitled, "[Roll it on Him](" It says, "Trust in Jehovah. Don't give in. Just let it go. Roll it on him. You're not alone. You can pray. He hears your words. He feels your pain. Don't keep that burden in. Roll it on him." By looking to Jehovah's Word and relying on his powerful Holy Spirit, we can fight these negative feelings and keep busy in our ministry. At times these negative feelings are not about ourselves; They'res about someone else. This creates a personality conflic, and really, brothers, we should never allow problems with others to hinder our ministry and service to Jehovah God. We could fall into a trap, the trap of not wanting to join our brothers in the ministry because of that one person who has offended us or really gets on our nerves. What can we do? The scriptures tell us plainly. Proverbs 12:20 reminds us that those who promote peace have joy. We can work hard to prevent envy and resentment from taking root in our hearts. Colossians 3:12-14 tells us to "clothe ourselves with love, the perfect bond of union." We apply this council. We will "continue putting up with one another" while being grateful that others are putting up with us. We "forgive one another freely." The conclusion: Do not allow negative feelings or personality conflicts to rob you of joy in your ministry.
We've considered a number of challenges that could diminish our joy and hinder our ministry. We've also been reminded how Jehovah values our faithful service despite the challenges that we face. Is it worth all the effort? Notice the answer found in Romans 5:3-5, "Not only that. Let us rejoice while in tribulations, since we know that tribulation produces endurance, endurance in turn an approved condition, the approved condition in turn hope, and the hope does not lead to disappointment because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which was given to us. Yes, our endurance through tribulations leads to an approved condition, which is our cause for great joy.
A review question: How can we maintain our joy in the ministry despite challenges. The answer: Acts 13:50-52 and Romans 5:3-5. If we're diligent in the preaching work, like the diligent slaves with their masters' talents, we will maintain our joy. Think about it, Brothers: the grand future that lies ahead for all faithful servants of Jehovah. Soon those with the earthly hope will have the prospect of living together in the new world forever. Painful challenges will be gone. Imagine the joy you will have. Then knowing that your whole-souled efforts in the ministry help those who are with you now. In God's new world, we will enter into the joy of our master. The conclusion: Allow nothing to deprive you of Godly joy or stop you from preaching now. Jehovah and Jesus ,our masters, will reward you with joy now, and you will be filled with lasting joy for all eternity.

more to come... as I review the videos

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