Mango-Prune Chicken

Mango Chicken Thanksgiving  - Nov 2001,

Rob's Sweet Chicken
feeds ~14
4-5 lbs skinned, boneless chicken breasts.  Cut into halves or chunks
2-3 onions, slice & dice
8-10 oz. jar mango puree, or other sweet fruity goo
2 12 oz. jars prunes (pit them if necessary)(or Marie recommends pitted dried prunes and soak them in water).  Cut the prunes in half.
2 cans sweet corn

put oil in pan, brown the onions, set aside

brown the chick on both sides

add rest of ingredients (spreading the jam or puree onto top side of chicken) and cover the pan, turn down heat some, cook on lower heat for about 10 min (till chicken is done).

 Canned Black beans and diced red peppers would also be good additions to the above dish.

Feb 2006 - excellent dish: "Four legged chicken": Added black beans, vy good.  Used mango chutney.   Next time have chicken skinless.  I had the butcher cut up 1 whole chicken, discard back & gizard, and sell me 2 more legs and cut them in half as well.  This amount of chicken fit perfectly into large fry pan.


Dec 2013 - dinner Ian, Ramsay, Lea, Dandre:  came out well, used 1 jar pear halfs + dried prunes I boiled & simmered for 1 hour then let sit 6 hours, only 1 can sweet corn


April 2014 - dinner Ian, Ramsay, Jerry & Jo, Andi.  Used about 10oz of 16oz bag dried prunes, brough to boil then turned off and left covered sitting for ~2 hours.  That was fine.  1 jar pear halves, 1 can sweet corn, 1 can, black beans, 2 onions.  Very good.  very easy.


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