How  Great Thou Art
Isaiah 40-48

  1. What verses or passages from Isaiah 40 could be given to someone in a crisis?
  2. In Isaiah 40-48, what three areas of life does Isaiah say God is greater than?
  3. God told His people several times in Isaiah 41-44 to "fear not."  Why shouldn't they be afraid?
  4. How does God's sovereignty over the unconverted give hope to believers?
  5. How does Proverbs 21:1 give hope in circumstances beyond our control?
  6. What hope can a believer have about his or her past? (see is 43:25)
  7. In what ways can the Messiah give someone a future hope?  (see is 42:1-7)
  8. For today, what hope can we find in Isaiah 43:1-7?
  9. What are some appropriate ways to respond to the greatness of God?
  10. In what ways can believers bring encouragement to each other in times of struggle?