The Air Force Space Operations Association invites you to join and become a member of an organization dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of Air Force space operations through recognition of excellence and the documentation of a proud heritage. The preservation of past personal and professional associations is also one of our objectives.

If you now belong to an organization which engages in space operations or space systems acquisition in any way, or were formerly associated with such an organization, you are eligible for Regular membership. If you are simply interested in military space operations, you may join as an Associate member.

Fill out the form below and send with your check for 1998 dues to:

% Bill Clark, 120 Murray Court
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762-5668


If you are already a member, you do not need to complete this form to send in your dues; simply mail your dues check.





Air Force Space Operations Association Application


Check for dues (circle one) is enclosed: $10 one year, $25 for 3 years, $150 for Life Name

(Last) (First) (Initial) (Nick Name?)

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Spouse ________________Family Member? *______Associate Member?_____*
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* Family memberships are non-voting. To make your spouse an Associate Member eligible to vote and serve on committees, check the "Associate" blank above and enclose an additional $10 for one year's dues.

Military Service______________________________________
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(Do you desire correspondence addressed by military rank?) ___YES ___NO


Space Work Organization Affiliation (Basis for Regular Membership eligibility - Military Org., Contractor Name, etc.)


(Organization) (Dates From - To) (Location) (Positions/Duties)

I have not worked in a space organization, but desire to become an Associate Member ___________

Current Employment_____________________________________Fully Retired____

Circle all of the following AFSOA assignments you would accept:: Board of Directors; Committees - Membership Historical, Awards, Communications, Ways & Means, Nomination, Convention, Other____________________

You may publish my ______Home Phone; _____ Business Phone; _____Street Address;______e-mail address (Home), _______e-mail address (Office) in the AFSOA Directory.

(If none are checked, the AFSOA Directory will carry only Name, City and State.)

Recruiting Members Name____________________________


AFSOA Membership Form 5/98