Fighting Prostate Cancer with Green Tea, Selenium and Diet Changes
(Updated November, 2012)

A lucky prostate cancer survivor's story of how diet and supplements took his PSA to 0 and has kept it there for 10 years.

Over the years I have had requests to share my "remarkable" prostate cancer experience in which I successfully fought prostate cancer with green tea, selenium, strawberries and tomatoes! After the recent request, I decided to place it on for more to see.
I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 1991, underwent radical protstectomy 1992. Then had rising PSA in 1995. I started Selenium and dietary changes and my PSA suddenly dropped to "0" and it has been there ever since.

A routine PSA test in the fall of 1991 revealed that my PSA was at 6. By the spring of 1992 it had risen to 8, and a biopsy led to having a radical prostectomy in July 1992. The PSA dropped from 11 to 0, where it remained until the fall of 1996 when it started to rise again. We watched it very closely, and I started plotting the data. It was increasing rapidly in a straight line. I consulted other doctors, and researched on the internet  and the outlook was gloomy.


 When I had my PSA tested in April 1997 it was at 9 and still rising. My next appointment was for July 1997, and I thought I would have to start hormone treatments. I was very depressed.


In April 1992 I had seen an article in the LA Times about preliminary results of a research program that was testing Selenium on prostate cancer patients. The results were looking somewhat promising.  I was able to learn the exact brand and dosage that was being used, and so I decided to give it a try since things could not get much worse.


My research had also indicated that some foods seemed to have beneficial results. I remembered attending a major medical seminar where one of the MD researchers really endorsed tomatoes and strawberries for their beneficial effects. There were also many sources recommending green tea.


So, in May 1997 I started my experiment, and began using selenium, green tea, tomatoes and strawberries.


I had blood drawn for PSA tests in early July, and went to my medical appointment with my "Oncologist-Urologist" surgeon. As he walked into the room he stated that the PSA had gone to 0, and he asked what had happened. I asked if he was sure that it was really my test results and not for someone else. He said that it certainly appeared to be for me. I then told him about my experiment. He said that the test must be repeated, and sent me down the hall to a different lab to have blood drawn for another test. Several days later we learned that it was really 0. We continued to check my PSA on a monthly basis, and it maintained it's 0 value. Thanks be to God that it is still at 0 in 2012! My doctor calls it "remarkable", and exhibits my records to some of his associates. It was suggestied that my Testosterone might be very low, but a test showed that it was normal.  Later he urged me to attend a special workshop to share my experiences with patients and doctors. There was a lot of interest, and one Doctor reported that he had a patient with a similar experience.

Here is a list of the things that I have done that seem to keep my PSA under control:








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Remember:  changing your diet to include green tea, selenium, strawberries and tomatoes may help treat prostate cancer. It is easy to try and very low cost.