2004 was another big year as in January we moved into our first purchased home and became an uncle and aunt for the first time!
After moving in early January, we spent the year remodeling our 2 bedroom 920 square foot house.  As Christina loves color on the walls, and Aaron was accomodating, we managed to squeeze in every color of the rainbow except purple.  After almost a year of living on concrete floors, (after having ripped up the carpet the day we got the keys), we finally finished all the other projects and were able to put down wood laminate flooring in November.  We've taken a break now for Christmas and will put the baseboards down in January and finally be done!
Christina has now been working at the Center for Youth Citizenship for almost 1 1/2 years.  She works on a project that has a 4 year grant to design and implement a character education project that will improve students' behavior thus increasing their academic achievement.  Aaron is working as an electrician for R&M Electric.
Also in January our first niece was born to Aaron's brother Dallas and his wife Jennifer.  Adeline Mae was a reminder to the family of God's faithfulness and mercy, beating a rare skin infection that almost took her life at just 1 week old.  She is the first granddaughter on both sides of her family and needless to say does not lack for attention!
We've been teaching 2s & 3s sunday school for almost a year-and-a-half and have enjoyed watching them grow and learn new things.
Other 2004 highlights were:  celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary in Monterey and Carmel, a houseboat trip with Aaron's family on Lake Shasta, attending a Kings game, a motorcycle trip to Yerington, NV where Christina honed her dirt-bike riding "skills", and the engagement of Aaron's brother Billy to his girlfriend Stacy.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!