The true gospel of Jesus Christ teaches that salvation is a process that includes ceasing from sin.  Therefore, people who think a "believer" can continue to willfully disobey God and still inherit eternal life have been deceived into believing a false gospel.

Saved?  Much of the confusion that Satan has spread comes through those who twist the meaning of the words "saved"* or "salvation".  The Greek word "sozo" implies saving from danger and represents the act or activity of saving someone, as in "rescue".

From the experiences of the ancient Israelites, we can learn about the true meaning of the words "saved" and "salvation".  When Pharaoh was about to destroy the Israelites, Moses said to them:

"Fear ye not, stand still and see the SALVATION of the Lord." Exodus 14:13

When they crossed the Red Sea they were "saved", but they were still a long way from receiving their promised inheritance in the land of Canaan.  The word "saved" does
not always mean "granted eternal life".

The truth is that depending upon the context of a verse, "saved" can be referring to any one of the three stages of spiritual growth:
1.  Coming Out of Egypt.
"By Grace are ye SAVED through faith." Ephesians 2:8

Through faith, we are born again and have God's promise that if we endure we shall inherit eternal life.  We are SAVED (rescued) from both the penalty of our past sins and the power that sin has over us.
2.  Through The Wilderness
"Work out your own SALVATION with fear and trembling."  Philippians 2:12

Now, begins the process of BEING SAVED from the doing of sin by the power of the indwelling HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.  To cease from sin we must:
a.  Realize that we have committed a sin.  (i.e. a transgression of The Ten 
b.  Then we confess the sin directly to God and resolve to give it up.
c.  We ask and rely on Jesus to free us from doing that particular sin.
d.  We are forgiven that sin.

Through that ongoing process, we are being washed and cleansed from doing all unrighteousness.  (1John 1:9).
3. Into Canaan.
"But he that shall endure **unto the end** (Gk. telos - the goal reached) the same shall be SAVED." Matthew 24:13

We must fully surrender our self-life to Jesus.  We must overcome our bondage to the world and sin.  Then, our goal is reached. That is:  our adoption as a son of God who
inherits eternal life.
"He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son."   Revelation 21:7

Harold and Donna Kupp


*  SAVED is from the Greek "sozo".  It means:  To save, deliver, or protect."  (Strong's Greek Dictionary)