Adam Clarke - Clarke's Commentary  Romans 3:25  p.57

" sending Jesus Christ to make an atonement for them [men];
thereby declaring His readiness to remit all past transgressions
committed both by Jews and Gentiles...and this applies **to ALL
who hear the Gospel now: to them is freely offered remission of all
past sins."**

Romans 3:25   p.23  (from Matthew Henry's Commentary)

[4.] "...that **ALL who by faith are interested in this propitiation
have the remission of their sins that are past.** It was for this that
Christ was set forth to be a propitiation, in order to remission, to
which the reprieves of his patience and forbearance were a very
encouraging preface. "

John Wesley's Notes on the Bible  (Romans chapter 3)

Verse 25  "To declare  his righteousness-To demonstrate not
only his clemency,  but his justice; even that vindictive justice
 whose essential  character and principal office is, to punish sin.
 ** By the  remission of past sins-All the sins antecedent to their