5200 Far Hills Avenue, Kettering, OH 45429   937-432-9022
In Dayton which is about 40 miles north of Cincinnati.
Rob Turner (main pastor)
Gary Palmer  937-238-5065 garypalmermd@aol.com  (first person I talked to - Sept 11, 2009) Dermatologist medical doctor
Rennes Bowers  937-409-6432  (2nd person I talked to - Sept 18 briefly)  Dayton Firefighter
Jason Wing 937-657-5027  jason.wing@apexcommunity.org  full time staff for house churches.  Gary says "contact Jason if you wish to visit Apex"
Greg Zastrow 937-432-9022 x207    937-432-9129 (c?) greg.zastrow@apexcommunity.org -- leader, and also a ministry assistant to myself and Rob Turner
2018 Dec 16, 2018 talk with Gary Palmer
  1. How many people at Sunday morning, how many in house churches
  2. In 2009 it was 3,500 Sunday attendance.  Maybe 1400 in house churches
  3. Any split off for a different region
  4. How is developing the co-shepherds going, when we talk in sept 2009 Apex was going to have them go to a leadership training for house churches
  5. It's been difficult the last 2-3 years because founding pastor because of a moral failure, he's been restored,
  6. attendance and financials have suffered, lost other teaching.  Have a good one at cedarville university
  7. Really focused on discipleship model to boost effectiveness.  HC, like small groups, can turn inward.
  8. Have immersion every 6 months.
  9. Michael Green book in building discipleship culture.
  10. House churches, missional community (allow )
  11. It's the culteral.
  12. Say it's 50%
  13. Satelite campus in Zenia it's 80% in house churches
  14. Check with him in January on senior pastor
  15. At peak 2,500 adults + 700 kids. now 1,300 adults
  16. Peak 75 HC, now 70 HC.  With 15-20
  17. In the region he oversee 
  18. 3rd immersion h
  19. Jason Wing is the associate pastor who left.  Maybe Jason and Rob Turner  (senior pastor) were not 100% with HC.
  20. Doesn't look like it grew any in the 6 years before the senior pastor's moral failure.
  21. Ex Senior and Jason Wing may not agree with the focus on house churches.
Jason Wing (around Sept 30 )
Started out as traditional mega church plant
4 years ago started de-cent
Wed - Sun  with work out better
Once every 6 weeks is a 3 hour
Regional (almost every Sunday morning)
11:30 - 2:30 Orientation
Sunday nights and Wed
Tues and Thurs
3 HC meet on Friday
71 Elders with 1,600
Zeons Christian Fellowship  www.Xenos.org 
Washington - Sonma Community  Jeff Vanderselt
Central teachings, made up of people from HC  Columbus Ohio  Shepes (each sphere has it's).  Plus Summer Institute, plus state of the church.  6,000 people
Zee ness
To be an Apex is to be in
Define membership by # in HC
Gary Palmer Sept 11, 2009 Phone conversation (1st one with Apex)
Rennes Bowers  937-409-6432  (2nd person I talked to - Sept 18 briefly)