The church office phone number is 937-432-9022.  Please ask for Jason Wing or extension 202 when you call. 
Gary Palmer  937-238-5065  (first person I talked to - Sept 11, 2009) Dermatologist medical doctor
Rennes Bowers  937-409-6432  (2nd person I talked to - Sept 18 briefly)  Dayton Firefighter
Jason Wing 937-657-5027  full time staff for house churches.  Gary says "contact Jason if you wish to visit Apex"
Greg Zastrow 937-432-9022 x207    937-432-9129 (c?) -- leader, and also a ministry assistant to myself and Rob Turner

3. Making disciples

Christ's last command to His disciples was to make disciples of all nations. I believe the essence of cell ministry is making disciples who make disciples. Cells are leader breeders and the best place to prepare disciple-makers. Multiplication is at the heart of cell ministry because new cells provide the environment for making new disciples.

I often highlight large, growing cell churches or church planting movements. But such examples shouldn't be our principle reasons for doing cell church. The best reason is because cell church promotes key theological concepts and brings glory to the living God.  Joel Comiskey 

Cell Leadership Development