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Visiting Brian Lowenthal's Shares (account name: athomehandyman)
to do list

Install recirculating range hood, including cost of hood 600.00
Remove debris from house n/c
seal cracks in sidewalk 50.00
Repair hole in siding with new brick 150.00
Remove foam insulation from siding to brick back corner of house 25.00
Paint peeling at bay WTF just painted house 0
Wood rot 4 areas as seen in report.. again WTF 100.00
Missing nails on some of the joist hangers on deck 0
Adjust sensitivity on garage doors 0
Adjust height of sensors 0
Install safety rope on garage door 0
Gutters back of house, rust stains on them, clean out maybe paint? 100.00
Extend gutter right front of house 25.00
Downspout extensions rest of gutters 50.00
Anchor garage support column 25.00
Baseboard damage/water leak? in garage 50.00
Insulate attic 500.00
Insulate basement walls to living space 50.00
Extend bathroom vents to outside 50.00
Front left bedroom door adjust 0
Batteries in smoke detectors, maybe new 75.00
Make sure windows open/ wd 40 them also 50.00
Make sure locks are straight and work 0
Add nails to pull down stairs 25.00
Light in lower oven 0
Install laundry room sink 25.00
Cut water valves and cap under old bar sink 25.00
Electrical breaker not being used remove 0
Red wire on common wtf
Cover plates in garage missing 0
Install outlet on island 100.00
Gfci in basement exit to back not working 50.00
Light over fireplace
Open ground laundry room
Insulation on refrigerant line outside
Inadequate clearance heat pipe several locations 100.00
Expansion tank 100.00

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