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Top 7 Worst Pests in Las Vegas

Top 7 Worst Pests in Las Vegas


The Valley isn’t only known for its vibrant nightlife and successful casino industry but also as home to some of the most annoying pests, such as mice, spiders and killer bees, according to a pro exterminator.  So which among these creepy crawlers love Vegas? Check out the following.



It is one of the most annoying pest problems in the valley because they invade homes by entering even the tiniest cracks.   

For this reason, it is hard to get rid of them, as they also nest anywhere – sometimes under a home’s foundation.   

And what’s even more frustrating is that more of them enter a home due to those pheromone trails that they create to invite others once they have found food.

Another thing that makes them the most hated pests in Las Vegas is their (fire ants) painful sting, which can lead to allergies for sensitive people.

You can locate these ants through the mounds they build out of any type of soil. They also build their shelters with a height of up to 24 inches in places, such as fields and pastures.

However, these ants can also build their mounds under or inside buildings or homes. If your home is invaded by ants, you can seek pest control services that can use effective baits to kill the queen and eventually exterminate the entire colony out of sight.

And if there are surviving mounds, the pros also know how to get rid of them individually by using a wide range of approaches, including sprinkling the same bait on each mound.


First found in the USA in 1990, Killer bees or Africanized honeybees are well established in Las Vegas. These bees are a hybrid of the European and African honeybees, which aren’t endemic to the USA.  

They’re notorious that they could attack in a large group once their nest is disturbed, chasing a target up to one-quarter mile.

Killer bees are much aggressive than other types even if their stings are no different from other bees.



The four common cockroaches to find in the Valley include the dark American cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, the German cockroach and the Australian cockroach.    But regardless of their species though, these primitive living insects, which size range from 0.1 to 3.2 inches, can fly, walk around a home and swim in toilet water.  

They can also survive without food and water for a long time as well as stand still for a couple of hours.  The vicious pests consume just about anything when they come out of their hiding especially at night when they tend to feed.

When they invade a home, they can pose health risks to your loved ones because they spread pathogens and bacteria by picking up germs, which attach to their legs’ spines.

They transfer these contaminants onto surfaces, including on uncovered kitchen utensils.

These pests also have the tendency of triggering asthma attacks and causing allergic reactions.

What’s worst, it is hard to stop once infestation starts because these pests are survivors, even knowing how to deal with freezing temperatures.   

Get help from a Las Vegas exterminator that can kill roaches with bait traps, pesticides or diatomaceous earth that can dehydrate them.  In all cases, it is no easy task to root out the infestation if you would do it yourself. You better off use the services of the pros to exterminate them more effectively.


While harmless, they’re creatures that reproduce quickly and produce loud noise at night.

They outdoor and/or indoor pests, which grow up to 7/8 of an inch in length, make an annoying, loud and high-pitched sound enough to keep you awake all night.

These pests, which are attracted to light, are seeking crevices and cracks during the day but forage food and make sound at night.  They love feeding on field or garden crops and other insects.

In homes, crickets can also damage furniture and surface materials, including fur and leather, but they’re even more harmful to woolens and silks.


The sting from these creatures is enough to cause a very unpleasant reaction, including vomiting, difficulty in breathing, numbness, nausea and convulsion. While no report has been documented that it killed someone in the USA, its sting is life threatening.



Las Vegas is a home to a host of spider species, including desert recluse, black widows and camel spiders.  Black widows, in particular, are much-feared spiders because of their serious bites with symptoms that can include abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, fever and chills. Spiders, nevertheless, are some of the most hated Las Vegas pests due to their venoms.


Deer mice, house mice or whatever you may call them, mice are common in the Valley.  

These pests, which have white or grayish brown body markings, are excellent climbers. And while they’re colorblind and have poor vision, they have an excellent sense of hearing.   

These pests can carry diseases and transfer them to humans especially when one gets into contact with an infected rat or with its droppings or urine.


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