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Proven ways to memorize scripture

Proven Ways to Memorize Scripture



1) Read the verse aloud several times.


2) Read the verse in context, reading at least 10 verses before and after.


3) Seek clarity.  Read it in other translations and paraphrases.


4) Write the verse on a pocket-sized card.  Write the reference before and after the verse.  Carry the cards at all times.


5) Always say the reference before and after reciting the verse.


6) Memorize the first sentence first.  Then add the 2nd sentence, etc.


7) As you memorize, ask God how it applies to your life.


8) Use spare moments during the day (waiting in line) to practice.


9) Write the verse from memory.


10) Have a partner test you.  This also shares scripture with them!


11) When you know the entire verse, ingrain it (say it often for a few days).


12) Practice, practice, practice until you overlearn it (don't need to think).



The big question: Is hiding God's Word in your heart (Psalm 119:11) worth the effort?



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