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How to give the Gospel of John or tract to a stranger


(1) Nothing as scary as what we will be talking about. 

  1. But also nothing as rewarding.



(2) What is God's definition of success in witnessing?

  1. Being faithful to do the best job you can AND leaving the results in God's had.  Keep praying for the person.



(3) Does God want us to witness?

  1. Matthew 4:19  Come, follow me, Jesus said, and I will send you out to fish for people.
    1. What does Jesus expect us to do? 
  2. Luke 9.60  Your duty is to go and (spread the news CSB) about the Kingdom of God. 
    1. What is our duty?  
  3. Mark 6.12  So the disciples went out, telling everyone they met to repent of their sins and turn to God. 
    1. What did Jesus' disciples do?  
  4. Acts 8.4  Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.
    1. What did the early Christians do?
  5. Philippians 1.14  And because of my imprisonment, most of the believers here have gained confidence and boldly speak God’s message without fear. 
    1. What did Paul expected ALL Christians to do?



(4) So the question for me has changed from "Should I give a Gospel of John to this Checker" to "Who am I to withhold God's gift from this person".

  1. Yes, maybe up to 1/3 will not be happy about it, but later on they (or someone in their family) may read it.



(5) Two types of Divine Appointments (Gospel Opportunities)

  1. Sitting Ducks - Expected:
    1. If you are buying something someone will be handing you a receipt,
    2. If someone is drawing your blood some one will be right next to you for 3 minutes
    3. A repair person in your house
  2. Fly by Ducks - Unexpected



(6) Beauty of handing out a Gospel of John or a tract is you can do it anywhere

  1. Cashier in a store
  2. Someone who is helping you in a store
    1. When you ask God for divine appointments you'll be surprise at who offers to help you
  3. Person sitting next to you on a plane
  4. Hiking and someone asking you for directions, or saying hi, or standing and looking at something
  5. Advantage of Gospel of John is IF they read it they will either become a follower of Jesus or become closer to becoming a follower of Jesus because they will have experienced Jesus
    1. And when they become a Christian all of that reading becomes retroactive discipling.



(7) If possible, try to start a conversation with the person (checker at a store, person at the park, ...).

  1. Ask how their days is going.  Ask when are the really busy times. ...
  2. You'll get much better with this the more conversations you start.
  3. Talking with them makes some of them more open.
  4. Possible starter questions (asking questions is a great way to start)
    1. How long have you lived around here?
    2. Is this your first time here (if you meet them in a park)
  5. BUT this is NOT necessary because a lot of people are open without any conversation.



(8) Possible ways to give out Gospel of Johns to the strangers

  1. With a smile (yes, hard to do when you are scared)
  2. I like to give this to you, it's my favorite book, it's the most read part of the Bible because it's all about what Jesus taught and did.
    1. "... it's the most read part of the Bible because in it Jesus explains how we can be adopted by God".
  3. Here's something for you. There is very good news in it.
  4. Maybe start off with "Thanks for your service"
  5. Try to get them to look at the card inside of the Gospel of John
  6. Goal is for what marketing says - multiple impressions.
    1. Server in Eureka, 'My friends have been telling me to read this'
    2. In-n-out floor cleaning guy whose name label was Isaiah -
    3. In-n-out cleaning table lady - Gave her white card - My grandma gives me things like this - would you like a NT
    4. That's the power of multiple impressions



(9) Have Monica and Gael share



(10) Truths to remember

  1. Even if they are not interested, they probably won't throw away a Gospel of John, so it'll be sitting around, maybe for years.
  2. How to handle failure - KEY, just like in every other area of life, just pick yourself up and ask God for help



(11) History of the white 3x5 "What Jesus Said" card

  1. Goal, have something short that screams out "I can read this"
  2. Other goal, something you can quickly go over with someone who is interested and has time.
  3. When giving out Gospel of John there is ALWAYS a white card in it.  WHY?
    1. I want them to see the 'Good News' of the Gospel so that they will be drawn in.
  4. In 1-3 minutes they
  5. At the bottom of the white card is a website link that will give them SO much more.



(12) Try to take longer with people



(13) Can also use tracts


(14) End up being giving to people who identify as Christians

  1. Give them Yellow Card "How to Truly Follow Jesus"
  2. ***Give them Blue NT




  1. Realize it's a spiritual battle.  That you will chicken out if you have not prayed for, and are prepared. 
    1. My primary purpose in the store is NOT to buy something BUT to give God's message out in a winsome way.
    2. In Home Depot ended up walking with a non-friendly employee
    3. Have to pray for boldness and love while driving to store.  And for divine appointments.  Asking God to lead me to his people. 
  2. With everyone and anyone just start a conversation (if nothing else it's good practice).
  3. Change attitude from "I have to" to "I get to".
  4. Goals work good for me because I don't beat myself up if I don't meet them.  Just try again.
    1. Do you run into 2 people a week?  If you gave a Gospel of John to two people a week
  5. All God needs is your obedience




  1. In groups of 2 or 3 take turns giving Gospel of John to each other and saying "Here is something for you, it has really good news in it, it's the most read part of the Bible"



(Conclusion) If you want to do this

  1. Keep the Gospel of John's
  2. Sign up at the table so you'll be notified about monthly meetings and for us to encourage one another
  3. Look at the Gospel of John's and tracts on the table






What 3 things to do BEFORE giving away Gospel of John

  1. It's So Easy
  2. Ask God for divine appt
  3. Pick up my cross
  4. Ask for Boldness and love for the person



What 3 truths to remember AFTER giving away Gospel of John

  1. Ask God for evaluation on how you did
  2. Gave them the greatest gift of all
  3. You just did Matt 7:12 and 10:32
  4. You were faithful to Matt 4:19



() Materials


  1. NLT large print "Hope Has A Name" Gospel of John LINK  10 for $10.  50 or more at 84 cents per Gospel of John
  2. NIV Gospel of John good size text (font size 10)
    1. 200 at about 73 cents apiece from LINK
    2. 25 for $17 plus shipping from LINK    

Billy Graham  Steps to Peace with God  LINK  Billy Graham Bookstore  800-998-3456

  1. STEPS TO PEACE WITH GOD - PACK OF 25 (SCENIC)  $4.99 (regular $7.99) as low as $3.19. 
    1. 40 packs (1,000)  $200 + $12 shipping = $212/1,000 = 21 cents
    2. 1 pack (25) $5 (20 cents) + $3 shipping = 32 cents
    3. 100 packs is $3.49 per pack  14 cents  $349 for 2,500 tracks
    4.     +$12 shipping = $361 for 2,500 tracts = 14.4 cents  7 tracks per $1
    5. 250 packs is $3.19 per pack  13 cents for 6,250 tracks
    6. English & Spanish is 25 for $8 (32 cents)
    7. $151.74 (incl $11.99 in shipping) 20 25 packs of English and 5 25 packs of English/Spanish  Sept 17, 2021


Evangelism Explosion  (Sept 2021 prices)  LINK 

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  2. 36 cents  500 for $180     Free shipping for 4-9+ shipping days
  3. 31.5 cents  1,000 for $315  Free shipping for 4-9+ shipping days
  4. Classic "Do You Know??" 
  5. 36 cents  25 for $8.95     Free shipping for 4-9+ shipping days
  6. 25 cents 1,000 for $250      Free shipping for 4-9+ shipping days





































































() Other types of witnessing, just start talking to people, the white card shines here because you can easily go over it.


I really, really like this, and I think you will also, it's yours to keep. 


It's the most read part of the Bible because in it Jesus talks about how we can can receive God's life-changing gift which includes being adopted by him.

It's the most read part of the Bible because in it Jesus talks about how we can be adopted by God.


Do you think being adopted by God would change everything?

Isn't it awesome we can be adopted by God?

Do you think being adopted by God and having God of the universe help you be a good thing?


There is a card inside the booklet that shows what else God's life-changing gift includes


Being adopted, helped, forgiven, and receiving heaven has changed my life.


If it's true whould it change your life also?




I really, really like this, and I think you will also, it's yours to keep. 

or This really helped me and it might help you also, it's yours to keep


In it Jesus explains how we can receive the gift God wants to give us.


That's why it's the most read part of the Bible.


Did you know God wants to give you a life-changing gift?


(show him the 3x5 card)


Did you know God's gift included God adopting you?


All of these are direct quotes from the Bible.  The first one is from this




  1. At least be interested to test the waters to see if there is any interest
  2. The more I love a person the more I'll want to tell them about Jesus and eternity in heaven
  3. The more of a connection I can make with them.
  4. Always have 'God's Life-Changing Gift' or a gospel tract in the GJ
  5. After each time talk to God and get his feedback and training
  6. Remember, even a negative one is probably superstitious and won't throw it away but leave it and someone else may pick it up.
  7. Want which GJ or tracts.
  8. The more training and experience you get the better you get.  For example, to make and stay on a youth competitive soccer team a lot of the kids have personal trainers.
  9. Learn to become a friendly talkative person who ask questions (interested in others).



  1. What is your weekly goal.  I'll call after a week for feedback and encouragment

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