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Benefits Of Possessing The Medical Marijuana Card In Oklahoma State
medical marijuana


At the moment fifteen states have declared adult medical and recreational use of cannabis. People tend to stop receiving their mmj card in states that have legalized recreational cannabis usage. Cannabis users who don't apply for a mmjcard risk missing out on many benefits that include lower prices as well as higher amounts as well as age restrictions as well as legal protections, and more. There are many distinctions between medical and recreational marijuana. Keep reading to find out about the benefits that a medical marijuana card in a state that allows recreational use can provide.


Lower costs

A Oklahoma medical marijuana card doctors will save you money throughout the year and gets you lower costs than people who purchase it through retailers that sell recreational products. When marijuana was legalized for recreational use in more states, the tax on the product increased substantially. It is more expensive when you don't have medical cards if you buy cannabis regularly.


Higher Possession Limits, Purchase Limits and the ability to grow more Marijuana


There are strict limits on the amount of cannabis recreational users can purchase and those who have medical marijuana cards have the ability to purchase more. For instance, in Oklahoma medical marijuana patients are able to purchase up to 8 ounces of cannabis per day, but recreational users can only purchase one ounce per day. With a mmj card, you are able to take to your home more cannabis than those who purchase recreationally.


Restrictions for people who are younger


The majority of states limit the recreational use of cannabis to people who are 21 or older. For people who are younger than 21 years old, cannabis possession and consumption are still illegal. However, there are young patients who require the usage of Oklahoma medical marijuana card for conditions like epilepsy and cancer. So long as the patient is in compliance with all regulations, most medical cannabis programs are accessible to patients as young as 18 years of age.



Access to Medically-Only Cannabis Dispensaries


Having a mmj card allows you to shop at medical dispensaries. Even in states where recreational use of cannabis is allowed, only medical dispensaries exist that are available only to those who have a medical marijuana card. Medical users are given access to a wide variety of products, strains, and professional support.


Retail stores that are recreational have experienced marijuana-tenders who can help, but they may not have the education and experience to assist customers with medical questions about products for medical applications, dosages, or the use of marijuana to treat specific medical ailments. Even if you live in a state that permits recreational marijuana, you might prefer to have access to medical dispensaries.


More Powerful Strength Than Recreational


Patients who are medical marijuana patients can also access marijuana that is more potent levels than the marijuana that is used for recreational purposes. Many retail shops selling cannabis for recreational purposes are bound by specific levels of potency set by their state. For their symptoms, some medical patients might require more THC and CBD.


In the state of Oklahoma for example edible cannabis products are permitted to only contain 100mg of THC and lotions or tinctures are limited to 1000mg of THC. Medical marijuana dispensaries are given more leeway on this potency in terms of doubling the amount in lotions to 2000mg THC. Some patients with medical conditions require varying degrees of potency in order to ease whatever medical condition they are trying to treat with marijuana, and recreational cannabis may not always suffice.


Protect yourself with stronger protection


Special laws exist in a few states which have legalized medical marijuana. These laws help to safeguard those who hold medical cards. The law in Oklahoma's Proposition 215 exempts caregivers and patients who own or cultivate Oklahoma medical marijuana card doctors, for medical purposes. Also, it prohibits criminal laws that would otherwise restrict the cultivation of marijuana or its possession.


Taking A Trip Out-of-State Is Easier


States that have reciprocity to the state you reside in You can have access to or purchase medical cannabis with an out-of-state mmj. For instance, if you're travelling and require access, or you're going out of state to see the doctor, reciprocity may permit you to use your medical card in another state.


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