Once the complete construction job is accomplished, the most important step is to do a thorough inspection of the job site to ensure everything is clean, organized and safe. In this final step, all loose ends are to be tied up, all the damages need to be addressed and the entire property is up to date. Utilizing a custom post-construction cleaning checklist is one way to ensure all of these are done in the right way.

How To Start Cleaning?

What is A Post Construction Cleaning Checklist?

The best way to achieve the best cleaning post-construction is to follow a proper cleaning checklist that breaks down the different areas of a worksite into specific categories for cleaning. It helps workers walk through each space if this checklist is followed. 

What To Include in Your Checklist?

Each area of the newly constructed property needs to be covered and following the checklist would be a great start to it as it would serve as a guide to help workers inspect all aspects of the build starting right from the floors, windows, and ceilings to external features and the removal of trash and debris.

Areas to Focus:

Entrances and Exits

Inspection of all the doors that lead into the building should be done and cleaned. Check out the following list to be followed while cleaning the entrances and exits.

Living or Common Areas

The living rooms and common areas are the places that need to be spic and span. They should be clear, clean, well-lit, and free of debris after construction.


Kitchens can be a complicated space as they are generally filled with crevices and spaces that often get overlooked.


Although they’re usually one of the smallest rooms in a home, bathrooms must be clean and in working order by the end of a construction project.


Removing trash, dusting light fixtures, and ensuring the floor, walls, and windows are clean is vital in a clean and complete bedroom area. Some other things to look out for when inspecting a bedroom area include:

The final step of your post-construction cleaning checklist should include a careful analysis of the exterior of the property. This means checking to make sure all packaging, tape, plastic, and other signs of construction are taken away from the property and disposed of properly.


Well, isn’t it easy if the tasks to be achieved are check listed?

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