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Volunteers Needed in Service to Our Communities (06/15/2016)

By: Randy Heiss, Executive Director


In addition to my regular duties at the SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization (SEAGO), I also have the pleasure of serving as a volunteer Board member for a regional, non-profit human services agency.  This agency serves the same geographic footprint as SEAGO – Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, and Santa Cruz Counties – and is known as the SouthEastern Arizona Community Action Program (SEACAP).  SEACAP provides a broad range of vital services to disadvantage populations in our region such as case management, temporary assistance for needy families, low income home energy assistance, transportation, utility repair and replacement, supplemental nutrition assistance, weatherization assistance, and more. 


The SEACAP Board of Directors is a volunteer, tripartite or three-part board comprised of: 1) Low-Income representatives (individuals from low-income families); 2) Public Sector representatives (elected officials or their appointed delegates); and 3) Private Sector representatives (from business, industry, labor, religious, law enforcement, education, or other major groups and interests).  There is one Board member for each group above, from each of the four counties in the service area, and thereby, a total of twelve members on the Board.  For each member of the Board, an alternate is selected in case the primary Board member is unable to attend a meeting.


I have found serving on the SEACAP Board to be a rewarding experience.  It’s uplifting to see the number of clients served, and the satisfaction surveys indicating their gratitude for the assistance they received.  It’s also quite encouraging to know that the clients aren’t simply provided assistance that they will continue needing month after month.  They are referred to agencies that can help them improve their employability and find employment to help put them on the path to self-sufficiency. 


Duties of the SEACAP Board include appointment and evaluation of the Executive Director, fiduciary oversight of the agency, major organizational, fiscal, and policy decisions, approval of program proposals and budgets, and other duties typical to a Board of Directors.  SEACAP is mandated to adhere to the Arizona Open Meeting Law, which requires a quorum (greater than 50%) of Board members in attendance for each of its meetings.  Despite having alternates, it is often difficult to obtain a quorum for our meetings due to a number of vacancies on the Board. 


At the present time, we are looking for individuals interested in serving in the following Primary or Alternate positions on the SEACAP Board:


Cochise County –             Low-Income Primary

                                    Public Sector Alternate


Graham County –            Low-Income Primary

                                   Low-Income Alternate

                                   Private Sector Primary

                                   Private Sector Alternate


Santa Cruz County -        Low-Income Alternate


Anyone who is interested in serving on the SEACAP Board of Directors, or knows someone who may be so interested, is encouraged to contact the main office at (928) 428-4653 or by e-mail at                      

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