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A Brief History Of Pearls


There once was a time when the most expensive jewellery that you can think about was Pearl Jewellery. Just a few decades ago, pearl items, especially the Pearl Necklaces were regarded as the royal class of jewellery. Men and women dreamed about jewellery made with cultured pearls. Women dreamed of owning them, men wanted them to impress their lovers. Time has changed a lot and so has the position of pearl made jewellery. however, they still remain the most elegant pieces that eyes can see, especially the Otomo Pearl’s collection. At Otomo’s, you will find the best specimens of pearl items.




Nobody really know, who first discovered them. But that does not mean that they were cast aside during any time of the human history. China, Rome, India, Egypt-all these countries with a rich heritage are well-known to be associated with pearl items even in the old ages. The Romans were especially crazy about them. Their dress and culture bear testaments of that. Visit our site for effective information about Otomo now.


The Romans mainly used Tahitian Pearls. These pearls become so well-known that Arabs and Romans wrote songs and poems about them. As they were very hard to come by during those years, their popularity and price peaked. However, when the world witnessed one of the miracles of pearl industry - the birth of cultured pearls, they lost their rarity. Nowadays, pearls and pearl made jewellery have become a common gift item among the affluent societies. We now have pearl rings, pearl earrings, pearl necklace and many such jewellery options available at hand.


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