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A Beginner's Guide To Forging One's Personal Nodachi Sword

Nodachi have the same general look and design of a tachi though they are longer. The Odachi was carried on foot soldiers and was designed as a weapon for war versus cavalry and open field obligations. Nodachi were generally used on open battlefields as their span made their usage indoors or close-quarters difficult. They certainly were an effective weapon against cavalry, though they were not commonly utilized. Nodachi were rarely used for several reasons:



The blade has been more Challenging to forge than some normal-sized sword


The nodachi demanded greater strength to properly wield


During times of peace the sword was worn slung across the back as a symbol of status. This really is identifying because many Japanese swords like the katana, wakizashi, and tachi were worn at the belt or waist; yet it had not been "drawn" from the trunk. The Odachi was more difficult to wield owing to its unnatural size and burden, but like almost any weapon, could possibly be exceedingly deadly if the warrior breathed it had been skilled. The magnitude of the blade made the nodachi a fearsome weapon wielded with a skilled warrior. Its cutting capability and range exceeded that of a katana, because of its weight and size. Legend claims a nodachi could cleave a warrior and his horse in half with a single blow.


The purpose of Nodachi


The intention of Nodachi can be categorized as follows:


A) As an offering to a Shrine or Gods. Some Nodachi were committed with ivory to acquire a war, others were placed in Shrines as mythical swords from mythology.


b) As a weapon.


From explanations in older texts, such as "Heike-monogatari, Taihei-ki" let's Odachi were used by soldiers during battles.


C) As a sign for an army.


Some Odachi are too long for practical usage. They cannot be utilised in a battle however it's said that they has been used as a sign of a military, such as signs and spears. Further research is needed to verify this idea.


D) As a trend throughout a certain period. Some swords have been useful for ceremonies.


E) To demonstrate the swordsmith's skill.


The production of Nodachi


Nodachi are very difficult to produce. The needs to make a good Nodachi are as follows:


A) A lot of steel is needed to create a Nodachi and it takes longer to produce than a normal sword. Nevertheless to make a good Nodachi it really is important to hammer the steel quickly.


B) A Nodachi is made with teamwork. Perfect teamwork must make a good person.


C) More skill is called for in quenching and tempering a Nodachi compared to a normal sword.


D) Special facilities must be demanded. For example the quenching tank has to be bigger than that useful for normal swords.


E) The procedure of polishing differs. Odachi need to be hung from the ceiling or placed in a stationary position to become polished, unlike normal swords which are transferred over the polishing rocks.


How to use Nodachi


Nodachi that were used as weapons were overly much time for Samurai to transport in their waists like normal swords. There were two methods where Odachi might be carried. 1 technique was to carry it on your back. This was impractical nevertheless, as it had been impossible for the Samurai carrying the sword to draw it fast. The other method was simply to carry the Nodachi by hand. The tendency during the Muromachi age was to the Samurai carrying the Nodachi to have a follower to allow him to draw on it.


Nodachi sword play fashions centered on backpacks and different wields to that of normal swords.

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