Bible Text : Mattew14 vs 13-21
Memory Verse: Rev 19 vs 6



     Mystery refers to something secret, unexplainable. It the Undisclosed information about something. Multiude is the great amount of Number usually of People and having something. Multitude always come up during most even . Multitude is this strong force backed up by the Influence of Actions in that Environment.

   Mystery of Multitude is to humble our heart to some unknown and unreavled things about people gathering together. Multitude has great say on results and the Word is a common room for Multitude. The door the Multitude opens, many are ready to follow. Is the Most Popolous place always the winning place?. This world is a mulitude and do all we can to never yield to it.
Multitude can positively or Negatively influence the Work plan. Then Where should be more populated?. Kingdom of God or Kingdom of darkness?. This teaching is to open our minds to set of Multitude and their operations in this realms.
Mattew 14 vs 14 " And When Jesus went out He saw a great MULTITUDE and He was moved with Compassion for them and healed their sick "
Jesus had an Encounter with the Multitude and he had this Compassion for them. He blessed them with the food of the Mouth and the Word. Then the Multitude was able to move with what he was about to say. He did a Miracle among the Multitude and the power of God fully manifested in their Midst.
The Unknown behind Multitude is the context of this teaching. That a multitude can serve as a strong force that can pull or push down the action and plans .


There are three Sets of Multitude

  1. The Gathered Multitude 
  2. The Moving Multitude
  3. The Moved Multitude


The gathered multitude is the first set of Multitude we can have as an association. This is also referred to as stagnant Multitude. This set of multitude are fixed to a point expecting a signal of power of connection. This is the simplest form of Multitude and a multitude that can pull or push for great victory. The gathered Multitude are controlled under the influence of an Authority and this set of multitude can move a territory.
Prophet Elijah came into the dispensation of a Gathered multitude I King 18 vs 20-40. Elijah saw the gathered Multitude tending towards the idols of Bal .

     I King 18 vs 21 " And Elijah came to all the people and said . How long will you falter between two opinions?. If the Lord is God, follow Him ; but if Baal then follow him. But the people answered him not a word ".
The power of The Most High came into Manifestation as a result of Voice of God that is present in the Gathered Multitude. The Gathered Multitude has license to express two powers, either the power of God or power of devil. Elijah came as a voice to over rule the negative power of the idols to let God take the Glory. A gathering has a strong back up of power of Manifestation . Check the gathering that you belong to.Confirm maybe it is a gathering authorized by the Power of God or power of devil.
The Gathered Multitude always occupy a territory , supported by the Power of the Most High. There is an expectation for this gathered multitude on Gods Holy ground. The gathered Multitude are expectant of a Power and to whom shall the strength be Renewed. Jesus gathered the Multitude and place them on a land.
The gathered Multitude can also be referred to as the Stagnant Multitude. They seek a release from a territory , they lack ideas on what to do or where to go. This set of Multitude are clueless .
Jesus had Compassion on the Multitude and he commanded them to sit down and gather. Matthew 15 vs 35 "And He commanded the Multitude to sit down on the ground". He further offered them the food so as to see the level of Compassion he'd for them. They all became a Stagnant multitude looking for the dispensation of Heaven. . But the question for ourselves is that are we gathered flock for Christ or just a Stagnant Multitude.
I refuse to dwell in a Stagant Multitude t Result. You don't need to be among the stagnat Multitude. You need a result at where you're staying, an encounter that would set you on your next move. The gathered Multitude wait for the Bride to Come, Are you part of those Heavens has gathered for the forth Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ?. Kindly Stay and await Him.


      Moving Multitude is the second tier of Multitude. This is a system I'd gathering of beings set on an agenda of Mission .The people you follow do they carry life or dead. A life void of Christ is a Dead Moving. Anybody that follows this Automatically has been registered to their group. Where do you fall into, Life or death?. The Moving Multitude are the directional multitude and without God's lead and Supervision ,the moved can be removed. The Moving multitude are set on a course to reach a goal . There is class for this set of Multitude


TheDead Moving Multitude
The Living Moving Multitude

The Dead Moving Multitude are the finished set of Multitude whose Movement has been truncated despite they still Move. This is the set of Multitude that lacks the extra oil. They were once a Moving Multitude but all of a suddent they all became a dead Multitude without life . This set of Moving may still think they are moving but the truth is that they move themselves.

Mattew 25 vs 1-13. This study in the Scripture gave a scenario of two set of Multitude both of them Moving to a point (5 wise Virgins and wise Virgins). Those both were moving ,but a checkpoint came when they have to check the Container. The dead Multitude has no extra oil or something to renew their strength but because the light was not with them; they were exposed at the point of Exceposition A multitude like we have mentioned earlier been a strong force and influence.It means your position now has a strong driving force to where you can be placed. Check your environment and look the Multitude you emulate .The World itself is a multitude and anybody that follows the World follows the Dead Moving Multitudmultitude

1 John 2 vs 15 - 16" Do not love the World or the things in the world.If anyone loves the World,the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is the World,the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the World "

LIVING Moving Multitude
The Moving Multitude is a tier of Multitude that we need to be concerned with. There ate strong forces surrounding you been among this Moving multitude. The living multitude are the active multitude. The living Moving Multitude are aware of their movement and not just moving.


     The moved multitude is the third tier of Multitude. They have accomplished an established plan. There has been a strong force that has compelled them for their great movement. This set of multitude deserve a crown . This set of Multitude obey a call , the force driving them is the great concern. A gathering set on fire hereby awaiting a destination.
We can find this set of Multitude in the World we are today , for as many that are carried away by the activities of this world is a moved multitude. This force has a great force to shift man from their position.
Man is the greatest set of assets that can be moved. The first set of multitude moved was found in the garden of Eden when the serpent came in a corny way to ask the woman
Genesis 3 vs 1 -3 "Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD GOD has made. And he said to the woman, " Has God indeed said 'You shall not eatt of every tree of the garden'?..And the Woman said to the serpent "We may est of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the trees which is in the midst of the garden, God has said 'You shall not eat it nor shall you touch it, lest you die."

     The question is, which Word should move you , The WORD of God ot the Word of the devil? .And the woman got moved by this word , because of the force that came with word the serpent said,in verse 6 the woman then saw that the tree was good for food.
She must have been seeing the tree for so many days in the garden , but once she got moved she saw something good about it. A multitude move when they find something good in the movement.
What has moved you away from the Position God has placed you?.The love of this World can move you away . Exempt yourself from the Moved Multitude but be moved by the word of the Father.



    The greatest hidden mystery of Multitude is the the driving force they generate. Others may be doing it and many can it to be right but check the actions with the standard of the Word of God. Many don't want to read the word as their standard again , they want to follow what others does.
Paul the Apostles said in I Corinthians 11 vs ( King James Version (KJV) )
"Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of
Who are you to follow, the Multitude or Christ?.... Be ye followers of Christ because in Him there is an everlasting Life and way. Check out the Multitude you follow, look at the driving force that has held you among them. If you find out Christ is not the leadership of the gathering, tend to be conscious and get yourself out of the multitude. For it is better to enter the kingdom if God all alone with the Leadership of Christ than the Leadership of Multitude.







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