Theme: The Leaking and Breaking Vessels

Bible Text: 2King 4 vs 1-11
Memory verse: Ezekiel 2 vs 1-2


A vessel is any craft designed for transportation of water. The Greek word for vessel is "Skafos". Vessel can also be reffered to a container purposely created to carry something, a constituent and most time liquid constituent. A leaking vessel is therefore a container that has its identity of being a vessel. A container or craft with loop hole where the constituent can get out and become a wastage. 

Man dominated in the garden of Eden as a sealed vessel coupled with this wife Eve. This Sealed Man by the Spirit of God appearred as an image of God for so many days in the garden . The devil came to leak the sealed man and since then Men has been leaking. The Vessel is there but not of use, the content remain irrelevant but there
2 King 4 vs 3 " Elijah said Go and borrow vessels from everywhere from all your neighbors, empty vessels do not gather just few ". That a miracle fro the widow wait that all next she could do is to go and borrow empty vessel. Elijah didn't ask her to borrow a leaking vessel but an empty vessel. That an Empty vessel is still very useful to produce exploits than an leaking vessel. An Empty vessel filled the life of this widow with joy and restore the famine in her home. That a man can remain empty and still be found useful in the sight of the Lord.
Men wthout christ are leaking vessel, its high time we empty our self worth and self righteousness go before the Lord. The first problem of Men is that Men did not even know they are level. The mystery behind this leaking is on hold until man come to the actualization that are leaking right there in there domain .
Men have leaked out so many valuable treasure from God making some of them vessel unto honor and some unto dishonor. Some of this treasure at so valuable before God and this has made God not to see Men in the garden of Eden. God came and he asked Where are thou. Until Man come to the actualization that they are leaking vessel , the purpose driving vessel can't be remolded.
A Leaking vessel is a temporary breaking vessel. For the continuous leaking lead to the total breaking of the vessel. But before the permanent breaking , Man need to be remolded with remolding gadget.


Bible says
2 Timothy 2:20-21
"But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and
silver, but also of wood and clay, some for honor and some
for dishonor. Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the
latter, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for
the Master, prepared for every good work."

The great house has section of vessels ,the valuable and non valuable vessel , until Man clean himself i.e Man come to o the actualization that he is leaking, hoping for amendment he shall not be filled .A leaking vessel is a faulty vessel and requires a new reprove. A leaking vessel losing the content , but the most important now is the container "the vessel" because the content can still be made available as at when needed.



1. Positioning of the Vessel
2. Emptying the Vessel
3. Filling of the Vessel



This is first step of remolding a leaking vessel. A step that requires Christ as the Positioned. The vessel need to take back to it's position for necessary amendment to be made.
Act 9 vs 15 " But the Lord said to him " Go, for he is a chosen vessel of Mine to bear My name before Gentiles, kings and the children of Israel". The positioning of a vessel create the approval of such vessel to get recognition before kings and Children of Israel. A positioned vessel is a vessel that sit on the solid rock which is Christ. This is the bedrock where all faulty vessel are repaired. It is when a vessel is positioned in Christ that it can gain recognition .
A leaking vessel need repositioning because the position it was before can suit the remolding process. There should be a shift from where it was to a new ground in Christ. It is a stage of Remolding of a vessel that requires a stay for a touch, it is a place of light for every vessel. For without this position every vessel would continue to remain in darknesss.
Our Lord Jesus Christ told his disciples, Come follow me and become fishers of men. He positioned them to the ground of light in order for him to remold them. Many left what they are doing tending towards the new position they await. As a leaking vessel you must be ready to leave your spot of leaking. Its an approval to reassemble to the position of light.
A leaking vessel, a vessel losing the content that need to position to the direction of light. For it is fundamental to undergo this stage for as many vessel leaking, there is a position you have failed to shift to. Its a sign that you're ready for a touch, that is when you get noticed in the kingdom for a touch . To position yourself would create a trace for a touch.
2 King 4 vs 6 " Now it came to pass, when the vessels were full, that she said to her son "Bring me another vessel and he said to her ," There is not another vessel " so the oil ceased"
The vessel filled to the brim and there was need for another pour, the woman asked for any available vessel to take a position of the oil that is being filled ; get again if a vessel has been found, it would have taken the position of the oil pouring.
There are so many works and the vessel to be used at times are filled, where are the vessel taking to position of usefulness. Except a Man shift to this dimension, he can't be remolded. You need to Shift to the call of Christ, it is in him you can be remolded. A key part of the remolding process.
God cannot use a leaking vessel , a leaking vessel is an invisible vessel and such vessel is corrupted and therefore can't conceive. A leaking vessel is a vessel running in outreach darkness and a repositioning to the path of light can make it be amendable.
For who can ammend a vessel in darkness unless it is seen in the path of light. There is a lift and shifting a vessel must experience so as to exhibit a proper remolding process.

Emptying the Vessel is the second stage of remolding process. This process is the outward pour of all the content and making the vessel void. An Emptied vessel is a well fit for God usage. It is a vessel set before God for great pour. It is a process of death in the body of Christ. You render yourself as needy vessel before the Lord. This stage is a crucial stage in remolding a vessel, for without this Man shall not receive.
2 King 4 vs 3 " Then he said " Go, and borrow vessels from everywhere, from all your neighbour- empty vessels; do not gather just a few.
Emptying the vessel is a way of telling God, this is all of me . A point in your life you tell God perform something from the beginning in my life. I am nothing now but with you I can be something. Elijah said go and borrow vessels from everywhere, not just ordinary vessels; Empty vessel.
This is daily death of Man, that God am dying now come and fill me with a content from heaven. A dead Man to the desire of the flesh always seek for content of life. Show me a man that has emptied himself from the desire of this world and I show you a Man God can fill.
And Jesus said, anybody that loose is life for my sake shall have it. You cant claim the content to use, you wait for him to fill the content of your vessel. For a man receive nothing except the Father giveth. An emptied vessel can receive from the father and without this a man can't be filled to the brim.
Show me a Man that has Emptied himself before God and I show you a Man that can be filled to the brim before God. Emptiness is a stage of self- dying and self -denying stage. Unless a Man come to the understanding of this word, he can't receive from the father. A remolding stage requires this crucial stage, that a man can empty the leaking content he has for the refilling of God.
Our Lord Jesus Christ told that Rich man Luke 18 vs 22
"So when Jesus heard these things, He said to him , you still lack one thing. Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven, and come follow me".

The leaking vessel need filling and sealing. This is where the content come in place to work. A solemn work of the Father to fill the vessel, a step to be finally remolded. In the process of filling, the vessel has no say to this neither a contribution. A sacred stage that requires total obedience.
John 3 vs 27 John answered and said, “A man can receivenothing unless it has been given to him from heaven.
John the Baptist came to revelation of this word ,the father is the only giver of things that Men (vessel) receive nothing except given form heaven.
The filling is a schedule from heaven, the God furnish Man by filling him to the brim with his presence, not even a Man under can fill here on earth. Unlike Other Stages like Positioning of vessel and Emptying of Vessels, Filling of vessels is only Done by God himself.
An opened vessel that has been emptied is the vessel that can filled. For what content does a Man has to give his fellow Man?. The question is, what is this Ultimate Content? . Who is the Ultimate Filler?.
The Ultimate Content is Christ himself, for without receive this content into his life; Other content can't be of no use. In Christ there is life to make use of other Other content of God. Jesus said in John 14 vs 6 "I am the way, truth and life and nobody come to father except through him". The Ultimate content is filling someone and invading the life of this reader. You may Know him as Christ the way, do you know him as Christ of truth and Life. Our Lord Jesus Christ has the Content of truth and Life to fill your vessel. Run to him today and let your vessel be filled.
The Ultimate Filler is our God through Our Lord Jesus Christ, except a Man have me as the bedrock of his vessel, he can't be filled the more and more. A leaking vessel is temporary breaking vessel and can't still be refilled with the life of Christ through his great Outpour.
Elisha Said to Widow in 2 King 4 vs 4-5 " And when you have come in, you shall shut the door behind you and your sons; then pour it into all those vessels and set aside the full ones . So she went from him and shut the door behind her and her sons ,who brought the vessels to her; and she poured it out.
That there is Shut of the Crowd you have shut against yourself when God is about filling your vessel. This is a self isolation stage that requires just you and God.

CONCLUSION : A leaking vessel is a temporary breaking vessel. This type of vessel
need a retouch from God, for without God such vessel can finally break beyond measure.
God Almighty your maker is still interested in your current state, don't run away from you. What you need is just Positioning, Emptying yourself and a refill from the father for without this Man would remain a leaking vessel
Roman 9 vs 21 " Does not the potter have power the clay, from the same lump to make one vessel for honor and another for dishonor? "
The Potter still have power over the clay to make Man upright before him and a qualified vessel in His vineyard. Shift from your place of Leaking vessel to a Vessel of honor before the Lord.

God Bless you !!!




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