Bible Text :Gen 12 vs 1-12
Memory Verse: John 14 vs 3


INTRODUCTION: Domain can be defined as a reference point of a territory. The zone of activity or the sphere of influence of a section. Relevance is a state of being in the current use or essential for a purpose.
Domain of Relevance is a territory set aside by God for the Activation of Man living. A sacred place where Man influence can be greatly felt. Domain of Relevance is a Spiritual office that every child of God can manage.
Gen 12 vs 1 : "Now the Lord had said to Abram, " Get out of your country, from your kindred and from your father house, to a land that I will show you".
A story of Abram that require and quick response to leave his current ground and shift to another ground. A special unknown ground that Abraham do not have idea of. This ground is already arranged and perfected by God.
A domain of relevance is a place for the actualization of God upon the life his beloved and friend . A sacred territory for influence and manifestation of God's divine power. This is an official office that only child of God can manage through the adhere we take to his Instructions. The essence of creation comes to manifestation on this ground and generation come to the knowledge of this ground
Gen 12 vs 7 " Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said "To your descendants I will give this land, And there he built an altar to the Lord, who had appeared to him.
The domain of Relevance is for a generation stay. A territory that many come to testify of. A domain of Relevance Is place of recognition of in God's Agenda. That Man can come to the actualization of God's power and light staying in the place.
The World can offer you a place of comfort but not a place of Relevance ,its only the Word of God can offer you both a place of Comfort and Place of Relevance.
A domain of Relevance requires a stepwise shift to attain this level. Man has been created by God to show forth relevance in all dispensations and ways. There is this place we are now that can really show forth what we carry.

The Patterns of Shifting Into a Domain Requires
1. Place of Comfort to a Place of Relevance
2. Supernatural Shiting

1.Place of Comfort to a Place of Relevance:

A place of Comfort is a place of A place of ultmost enjoyment . This is really a good place for every child of God but not a permanent place for every child of God. The desire to Stay in Comfort place for a long period of time is the wrong concept. A time would come when the shifting would have to come because a place of relevance is highly required.
This come as a test and with total obedience to tell anyone to move away from the comfort zone to ground where he /she would be relevant. A place of comfort is where the shifting of man comes from; leaving all your desires to pursue the desires of God.
Putting all of you to search all of God. This was a decision God gave Abraham to leave his place of entertainment that he would show him the place God himself would entertain him. For a Man to follow God, you have move away from your Comfort zone , a place of your entertainment to where he would entertain you.
Our Lord Jesus Christ went to Pray at Gethsemane
Matter 26 vs 36 "Then cometh Jesus with them unto a place called Gethsemane, and saith unto the disciples, Sit ye here, while I go and pray yonder"
Our Lord Jesus Christ shifted from the gathering of many to a sacred place to pray. He separated himself just the for Kingdom relevance. Shifting from place of Comfort to a place of relevance is step to move into great use for God. A place where the influence of Man be fully ascertained.
One of the Reason why so many are not showing Kingdom relevance is as a result of the place of Comfort many find themselves, a place of earthly desire and self satisfaction.
A place of Comfort denies us ability to perform greatly, is a stopping blocking to many uplifting in His vineyard. Take a step and shift in to a ground of relevance.
Hosea 10 vs 12b : "Break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord,till He come remain in righteousness". A time to break your fallow comfort zone and go to a new ground of relevance prepared by God for you.

2. Supernatural Shifting:

This is an heavenly shifting. This requires a type of version of man to dominate in this realm. No man can be on a new ground without something that qualify him to be on that ground. There are levels of relevance,levels of influence and levels of Shifting. Something just have to qualify someone to be on a new ground.
Domain of Relevance requires a shifting and without this shifting Man can't dominate. The question is what does it take to shift to a place of Relevance?. A version of Man is required for a new ground to be ascertained. This all result into this supernatural shifting. Your ground, domain and the environment mainly for you can be ready but is the version of you ready for this Shifting. The version of Man?.. Even if a man is ready for the Shifting into relevance, this version of Man would denial him into his domain of relavence. All grounds are good but there is this special ground for every Man to be attained as at when due.
Our Lord Jesus in the book of Mattew 3 vs 13-15
"Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan to be baptized by him. And John tried to prevent Him,saying ," I have need to be baptized by You, and You're coming to me?. But Jesus Answered and said to him 'Permit it to be so now, for this it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteous ".
There was a need for John the Baptist to cement the new version of Christ through the Baptism of Water. This baptism paved way for the Baptism of the Holy spirit, a new version of Christ that Confirmed the Oneness of God the father the Voice that Spoke from heaven, the Dove which is the holy spirit and the Son himself.
The Version of Christ that came fully into Manifestation made him to dominate the Wilderness (domain) and had relevance all through his stay there. The version of Man is a stoppling block to many unreached domain of relevance. If Christ can obtain a new version through the help of the descending of the Holy Spirit for the next thirty plus years he used, then what would take you not to obtain a new version.
Check where you're going to , check your present version. Interrogate yourself and see maybe you're where God want you to be.
John 2 vs 4 " Jesus said to her, ' Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me?. My hour has not yet come. Particularly ,the first recorded miracle of Jesus. Jesus waited for the hour before he has started having Kingdom relevance.
Something special on Men would shift them into that relevance when the hour comes.
The establishment of thethe Relevance requires four Steps Up. A spiritual ladder to begin to dominate territories and become relevant.

1. The Light you carry
2. Extra Oil
3. Your Sacrifice
4. Spending Kingdom Currency.

1. Light You Carry :



Light is the number one license you must fight to get before Stepping into place of relevance and influence.
A light is a source of illumination. A comepedium that brings the true image of something into the limelight of vision. A light in this kingdom can mean many things like Wisdom, understanding, access, anointing, keys , clear paths, unction and many more.
Nothing can appear without light , nothing can come into action without light. That's one of the reason why God said in Gen 1 vs 3 "Then God said , 'Let there be light and there was .light". Things fell into place and there was relevance as a result of this.
Stepping into a domain of relevance requires a light that grant you access. A light that illuminate your paths of destination. A light that serve as a guide to your lane and territory of movement. A light is a key man must continue to fight for before the devil is always awake to put it off. Many are not at there place of relevance of as a result of light that has been out off in there life . The light you carry would carry you to your place of relevance. What dimension of light are you carrying?. Hope the light has not been quenched. Job 29 vs 3 " when His lamp shone upon my head and I walked through'
There is a light you carry on your head to your place of relevance, there is one you put on your hand. The one on your head you should control the one on your hand. This is a protocol to that domain of relevance. The devil is aware of the one on your hand but not aware of the one on your head. The two should be run simultaneously in guiding you to the place of relevance. What's the light on your head?. John 1 vs 4 "In Him was life , and the life was the light of men ". The light on your head is connected to the new life we have in Christ Jesus. The new life you have in Christ Jesus is a light that guide Men to place of relevance.
The light in your hand is the to revelation of Christ and level instructions you have yielded to in regarding Man influence.This is a very crucial key in stepping into a domain

2. Extra Oil:

An oil in this realm is an extra power that continue to fuel the journey of Men in the course of the domain. An oil is a compulsory tool that is needed of man in the race of influence. For without this it is impossible to reach the place of relevance.
Extra oil means an additional oil in support of the one you presently carry . A vaccine that keeps you going in the journey. An extra portion oil is always needed because this is where the difference lies. The extra portion signifies you as the right owner of the the domain of relevance. The Parable of the Ten Virgins on the course to a place or relevance were all carrying a lighted lamp, both with burning oil but only half of them carried an extra oil. Only half?
The Extra oil is not a convenient entity for many travellers on this road to place of relevance. The extra Oil is the real oil to the place of relevance.
Mattew 25 vs 3-4 "Those who were foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them. But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps".
Both longing to reach that domain of relevance, but there is extra oil for some and no extra oil for the other. Something extra we carry opens door for us while others still que.
The Ministry of Extra oil is the Ministry of Holy Spirit. Without him you still remain outside the quota of your domain of relevance. The Holy Spirit is the radar of Men on the course to this place of Relevance. Many are ignoring this Ministry , for without this man shall never show any Influence in the Kingdom of the Father.
The Bible recorded that Wise carried the Extra oil. The question is why would they call them wise even without even getting to their destination. The five with extra oil understood a system of opening door at the place of relevance. A place of relevance still require an extra key to open door. Only those that understood the Ministry of Extra oil would be granted to enter.
You may even be at the entrance of your domain of relevance and not granted access to enter. There is an extra oil you have failed to acknowledge , get it today and then you would permitted. Give the holy spirit a chance to direct your paths to your place of relevance
Bible recorded in Mattew 25 vs 6-7. "And at the midnight a cry was heard "Behold the bridegroom is coming ; go out to meet him!. Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps. A place of separating those are still relevant and those that are not of no more relevance. Always be accompanied by the extra oil which is the holy spirit.

3. Your Sacrifice:

Sacrifice is another key one has to take to the domain of relevance. Sacrifice is an act that deals with giving away (something valuable) to get at least a possibility to gain something else of value (such as self-respect, trust, love, freedom, prosperity. To get to place of relevance, there must be a self sacrifice and total sacrifice. Readiness to give all just for the attainment of the domain.
Sacrifice is a key that opens other keys. This is a price tag you paq as ransom for the purpose of the domain of relevance you aspire. Self sacrifice is an important asset Men should always have in mind to offer. A yardstick for other things to open up at the domain of relevance. A domain of relevance requires those that can sacrifice all just for them to attain the domain of relevance.
The children of Israel were on the course to a domain of relavance and a place of influence. In their luggage, many are not ready to give self sacrifice just for them to attain that glorious land . Children of Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron
Numbers 16 vs 41 " On the next day all the congregation of the Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron saying 'You have kiled the people of the Lord'. Plaque upon plaque keep happening and still they keep murmuring. When you are on the course to a domain of relevance, you're expected to self sacrificial and not murmuring. The journey to the domain of relevance may take longer time but still requires a sacrifice. An ultimate sacrifice, that God am all here to stay take me to where you can take me to.
A point on your place to the domain of relevance ; using all of you to search all of God wholeheartedly . This is one of the greatest sacrifice a Man can offer to open keys to the domain of relevance. Using the all of you as a whole to search for the domain of relevance; a mystery that's still hidden to many. I pray the understanding is coming upon someone reading this currently.
Mark 12 vs 33 " And to love Him with all the heart, with all the understanding, with Al the soul, and with all the strength and to love ones neighbor as oneslf, is more than all the whole burnt offerings and sacrifices ". That the compendium of Sacrifice to the domain of relevance is based on love with all the heart, with all the understanding, with all the soul, and with all the strength and love. The complexity and the Ultimate Sacrifice is based on this five cardinals ( heart, understanding, soul, strength and soul). Sacrifice is made from the heart, is made with your understanding. Sacrifice is made with soul, sacrifice is made with strength, sacrifice is made with the love you share.Sacrifice is a cogent key to step into relevance. You can't be relevant without sacrificing with one of this five tool. Show me where you are and I show you your sacrifice you have paid.

4. Spending Kingdom Currency :

Kingdom Currency is what you spend when you get to the place of relevance. You can't show forth the glory imbedded without spending kingdom Currency. Currency is a Kingdom gift by God the Father to his Children that want to dominate territories. In the Worldly realm, currency is regarded as money or other items used to facilitate transactions. So be it in the Kingdom of God there are certain currencies needed to be spent at some stages in the life of the domain.
For it is impossible to stay at this place of relevance without spending this certain currency. They are heavenly and precious every child of God must put to place when the domain of relevance has been attained. This is a key that give complete dominion at the domain of relevance. The currency of this World has a value of this world. At the domain of relevance, the currency of this World Naira, Cedis, Pounds, Lahks etc becomes very useless because they can't buy in this realm.
Luke 12 vs 33 "Sell what you have and give alms ; provide yourself money bags which do not grow old, treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches nor moth destroys". What Men can do with the Currency of this before getting to the place of relevance is to sell them out because it has more value giving them out than keeping them.
Intimacy and fellowship with God is a currency that must be spent on the place of relevance ,is a currency that enable us to have ccess to every thing we need at this domain of relevance. You must continue to spend this Currency for continuous stay at the place of relevance .
Psalm 55:14
We who had sweet fellowship together Walked in the
house of God in the throng.
A sweet fellowship with the father is a Kingdom Currency you constantly need to keep dominating at your new place. For those that have Sweet fellowship according the Psalmist walk in the house of God; that they are the people that only stay in His house. The place of Relevance always inhabit a house of God and is only those that is ready to spend this currency that fully walk.
This currency is a mystery why many don't stay long on their place of relevance. For the sweet fellowship is equivalent with the life span of Man on the domain of relevance.


A domain of relevance is an office that very child of God should always aspire to stay. We can still see today that many in the world are not where they suppose to be , roaming about and leaving their place of relevance void. The Light of God shines uniformly in this area and is only God alone that can put Men in this stability of this place. The Eternal place of relevance is heaven and this is the place that Christ himself promised to prepare for us.
John 14 vs 3 "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will
come again, and receive you unto myself; that
where I am, there ye may be also".
Let Us all look forward to this place because is a saturated everlasting place for this brethren. Jesus was relevant and even till today because he is at that place of relevance still preparing the place. When he is done preparing, he would come to take his people to himself , those qualified to be relevant.
Men can be relevant or Irrelevant , this is subjected to the principle guiding the type they want to be. Be relevant in the Kingdom of God and ever seek for this domain.



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