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 The Exploration Of Digital Energy Medicine For The Digital Age


I lately coined the term "digital power medication" to signify any type of valuable digital energy medicine that is either produced or sent making use of primarily electronic technology.


( As well as by the way, "electronic innovation" here describes digital media like electronic photos, songs as well as video clip, along with most tools that play such electronic media.).


I did this since, after years of focused r & d of approaches for integrating life boosting refined energies with electronic technology and also electronic media, I felt this was the easiest means to describe this arising energised innovation.


For those of you that might be unfamiliar with the term power medicine, a streamlined definition of energy medicine could be mentioned as any system of therapy that utilizes some type of power to enhance the body's own flow of life force power.


Refined power is a term that refers to any type of kind of energy that lies outside of the 4 pressures of physics: the solid and also weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism ... and gravity. (Some scientists accept magnetism as a fifth pressure in physics.).


You could be accustomed to various other terms made use of for "refined power," like orgone energy, vital force, prana, qi, and so on


. Although the emerging area of refined energy research suggests that there countless selections of subtle energy, each with one-of-a-kind associated qualities and also impacts, there is proof that, in general, subtle power is intimately related to consciousness.


Actually, Dr. Claude Swanson, in his wonderful publication LIFEFORCE: The Scientific Basis, referred to the field of refined power study as "the all-natural bridge between the old physics and the new scientific research of awareness.".


I initially became aware of the idea of capturing and embedding subtle energies into digital media in 1999, when I stumbled upon an advertisement for a series of CDs which claimed to have such powers (particularly, those related to altered states of consciousness) ingrained right into them.


I later on found out that a couple of years previously in the '90's, a Russian scientist had actually declared to successfully catch life force power on magnetic tape, which could after that be embedded right into songs and transmitted by merely playing the music.


Without effort, this appeared possible to me. Besides, noise is power, and also it can be recorded, kept and also relayed.


Electro-magnetic power, too, can be recorded, kept and transferred.


So the idea that vital force power (or, at the very least, refined powers closely related to vital force energy) might be recorded, as well as saved and transmitted by means of digital innovation, was not a huge reach for me.


I was already quite persuaded of the existence of digital energy medicine due to my participation as a teenager as well as young person in a fighting styles college with roots in the Shaolin custom of Chan Buddhism.


That exceptionally favorable period of my life used duplicated as well as persuading proof of the existence of qi, which is generally specified in Chinese Medicine as the standard things which the product world is comprised.


Although some scientific evidence links qi with the body's natural magnetic field, we know that the biofield is comprised of a lot more compared to simple electromagnetic power.


Far-off healing experiments involving qi have actually in some cases integrated using Faraday cages (which efficiently obstruct all electro-magnetic signals), yet have still produced considerable outcomes.


Years later I ended up being even more passionately involved in pursuing this concept of psychic energy medication when, after personally making considerable innovations in the development of this innovation, I found that my long-lasting fact of experiencing severe bipolar depression annually of my adult life, for more than Twenty Years, had actually in some way finished.


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