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 Chateau Abelia du Lac - Best Chateau Rental In France


When there are many contenders for the greatest French chateau rental award, this travel writer believes that Chateau Allure du Lac Francemay be the winner. Why? Chateau Allure du Lac is a rare combination of history, locationstructure and grounds combined with a renovation which keeps the original construction intact when adding all of the creature comforts of the nineteenth century century.


Chateau Allure du Lac Grez-Neuville, France-A Short Background


First, let us take a look at the storied record of the chateau. Originally constructed during "The Hundred Years War" the fortification needed a moat and slots for archers instead of windows. That the owners maintained farms inside the area beneath the system accepting their share of plants and taxation. Even the Chateau Allure du Lac was able to keep in precisely the family through a series of marriages. Rebuilt from the ground up in the 1860s, hundreds of people toiled to rebuild the arrangement. The current owners purchased the Chateau Allure du Lac Grez-Neuville from a Dutch couple that left a concerted attempt to stabilize the structure, but the task was too much to them. The recent owners embarked to a renovation of this grounds and reasons which is nothing short of spectacular.


Chateau Allure du Lac France-The Grounds


The current owners have restored the Chateau Allure du Lac (also going by Chateau Abelia du Lac) grounds with their former glory. Manicured gardens, glorious trees (inclding many over 100 yrs of age), walking trails through the one hundred five property, an island over the twenty-two acre private lake along side a walking trail on the lake perimeter have been rejuvenated and maintained with meticulous care. Is that the tree blossom on the island in the lake-a perfect spot for manifestation, photos, or perhaps a wedding. Palatial lawns and cozy sitting areas abound.



Chateau Abelia du Lac France-The Interior


While the grounds are spectacular, the interior of Chateau Abelia du Lac/Chateau Allure du Lac is a lot more striking. Renovated on the span of the past fifteen years the owners have furnished the chateau with family antiques acquired throughout the previous years with both families. A double stairway at the grand entry leads to the two bedrooms. The bedrooms are all ensuite bedrooms with very snug queen or double beds. Most of the bedrooms are supplied with individual color schemes, antiques, crystal chandeliers and high-rise beds and linens. The First floor dining and good rooms have been covered all up the way to the very best of the ceilings, but still have a romantic ambience. The Chateau is equipped with a modern kitchen that's connected to the event halls with speed dumbwaiters. There certainly are a range of terraces that enable outside dining and entertaining.


Chateau Allure du Lac Reviews/Chateau Abelia du Lac Reviews


The testimonials for this remarkable chateau are uniformly five star. Guests rave about the interior, the accommodations, the lands, and especially the team. Many reviewers cite that they bring their family to the chateau year in, year out. Here are some quotations from reviewers that are actual:

• " Such a wonderful time!

• " Words can't really describe the chateau itself or the owner as both are out of this world!"

Burnley H. 5 Stars

• "Chateau Abelia du Lac is a perfect Backdrop for a once-in-a-lifetime experience." Clay 5 Stars

• "Chateau Allure du Lac is beautiful and the grounds are breathtaking!" Olivia 5 Stars


Activities Around Chateau Abelia du Lac


There are many activities offered by Chateau Allure du Lac and the surrounding areas. At the chateau, there are lots of paths that take you through the causes, mountainous regions and gardens. There is a walking route across the twenty two acre lake. There's a swimming pool and poolhouse at the chateau and angling and fishing are available on the lake.

Nearby, there are lots of quaint French towns to research that provide dining, wine tastingand gourmet cooking classes, golf, tennis, hot air ballooning, horseback riding, sight seeing, and shopping. Castle tours and river boat excursions are also offered.


It Is Evident


So that you have it. A combo of a rich heritagechateau and reasons, proximity to perhaps one of the most beautiful regions on earth, stellar reviews, and neighborhood activities make Chateau Allure du Lac/Chateau Abelia du Lac the ideal chateau rental in France.

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