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 Bubcon - The Secure Immediate Messenger App


BubCon messenger app remains a brand new android app with advanced messanging experience for your android mobile, where communication is simpler and well maintained. You can use bubbles to make sub-group from the band, which is crystal clear and also different . Special about bubcon, claim is maximum-security by applying end to end encryption. It's like some other messenger whats app, increase among the others, in that you simply can conversation between group or two different people. You are able to sending/receiving message like text message, picture, text message, videos you are able to in that you simply can eight sub-group from the bunch. Also you can pick bubble and design. It's available on IOS, android market and also for windows mobiles. It's demonstration in a brand new measurement. Is, you may create sub set out of class, and staying the dialog was hushed from by you.


* With a brand new built in port you are able to see every thing that is happening in your system at a glimpse. People, groups chats, and topics. Via that the mute-function you understand what is beneficial to youpersonally.

* It provide greater clarity in conversation history -- By A-DD subgroups to your chats/group chats. You Design chats and and require communication.

* Free voice and video telephone - You are able to video telephone and voice telephone from utilizing bubcon media in group or in only conversation. Every thing in outstanding quality via BubCon messenger.

* Teams and also Sub-groups - Easy to take good care of and also obviously arranged. The bubcon media adapts entirely for your needs and really helps to organize your messages that you can certainly see them again.

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* Next creation message - You are able to integrate a great deal of files like music, photos, files, video and many more and also the ideal think includes different sub group. Without departing by which you the group are able to this conversation clean and simple.

* Voting produces easy - Now it is likely to take decision by votes from your friends. By utilizing this vote that you confused in what to accomplish and item item can be solved. You are sure to find and also get your result through voting procedure.

* Layout for various event - If you do not like your Interface, don't worry it is possible to picked other structure and still enjoy the amenities of bubcon networking. It offer alternative displays for each occasion and the monitor will soon follow an every day basis.

* Advanced mute component - You have the ability to mute any one by using advance mute feature like you'll maybe not bothered you also can mute the sub groups which can be drawn up from parent band. Moreover, you can decide.

* Improved sound recorder - You can record your voice and listen before it is likely to ship them. You can also use this system. Dictate a message, hold, carry on dictating and then listen to a note store it and ship.

* Data security - BubCon messenger application uses end to end subscription in which communicating is safe, as in end --wind registration only sender and receiver can only browse this message.

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