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 Bubcon Messenger Review: An App To Deliver Sms Message And Video Clip Calls


Bubcon is a instant messenger app and communication application developed for mobile phones. This bubcon messenger is a fantastic application for video calls, and text message having decent quality awarded all essential requirements for good VoIP calling is all there, and scores quite high on Google Play and Apple App Store.


Its drawback is that it has an interface that is only too basic and lacks any features that its competitors have.




The bubcon media is relatively fairly mild for download. This is suitable for low-end mobile phones with memory. The site provides a link into Google Play for Android devices, yet another for Apple machines, and a third to the apk. Once installed, you're prompted to enter your phone number, against confirmation through a code that is sent to you via SMS. Your contacts are loaded from the device's contact list.


For the rest of the contacts on your phone, there's definitely an invite button.


The User interface


While the port is smooth and light, bubcon messenger is quite basic. You acquire the feeling of being squeezed into some thing limiting your access. The application provides easy and quick activities on connections, with the absolute minimum of touches.


However, this also proves to be inconvenient as you can easily wind up calling some one you didn't really want to telephone.


Bubcon Components


Bubcon offers unlimited free txt messaging over an Internet connection. Just like any other app.


The principal attraction is free boundless supreme quality voice and video calling. While poor conditions can render the calls lacking being high quality, there is a quality together with video calls when compared with other apps of those like. It's absolutely better on video calling than Viber. And it's got the edge over WhatsApp since the latter does not even offer calling.


The app allows you to share photos and even videos. It offers free stickers, which is the craze of the moment available on instant messaging apps. This is now kind of a.


It offers set chat, but does not need another tab for classes and the group production. The preferences for both groups are very limited.


Bubcon permits you to contact users of different applications.


Well, this is really much for me only theory. I believe it to be some thing. In this manner, you might, for example, take advantage of their caliber of Bubcon's video calls and enjoy the presence of the huge amount of users in applications like WhatsApp and Skype. However, Bubcon has seen doors close in front of it the big players with huge user foundations eradicated the chance of 3rd party applications to gain access to their own networks. So Bubcon is targeted towards banking alone network and service to earn a name of its own and construct a solid base of its own. The number of users that are registered nowadays determines the results of immediate messaging applications.


Which brings us to why everything is free on Bubcon and how they earn money. Well, they do not have a business model so much and so are focused solely on building a few muscles.


Chats and forecasts are encrypted in this messenger. There is not any information relating to it. It does not give information lawfully on its own website. The details found on Google Play and App Store are all we have. But that really is far better than no encryption whatsoever. If you are serious about your privacy, assess these stable communicating apps.


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