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Where To Get Your Medical Weight Loss Consultation and how does it work?


Where to get your medical weight loss consultation?

The Steady Care Medical clinic is orange county’s one-stop medical clinic for diagnosis, prevention and healing of a wide range of medical conditions. We provide superior quality treatment options, modern healthcare facilities and secure walk-in and online medical services in Orange County, California.


All of our Doctors are licensed by the Medical Board of California

Our Medical Weight Loss Consultation is specifically to reduce your appetite by causing frictions in the central mechanism of your brain. It is fast working and effective. The medical weight loss consultation also works to increase metabolism in your body which helps you in your efforts to burn huge amounts of calories every day.

- Individualized strategy depending on your specific needs
- Integrated approach towards weight loss involving evaluation, counseling and treatment
- Same day appointments and walk-ins Monday through Saturday
- Knowledgeable and friendly staff answers calls and return messages quickly
- Fast response to patient needs with convenient location


How does it work?

By Prescription Appetite Suppressants , you are reducing your daily caloric intake. The difference between how many calories you take in and how many calories you are expending determines the rate at which you lose weight, a 3500 caloric deficit will result in approximately 1 pound of fat loss. Since the program is also designed to increase metabolism, our medical weight loss program takes a two sided approach that effectively increases your daily calorie use while reducing daily calorie intake. When you start eating less, your body automatically makes use of the existing fat stored in your body and converts that into energy. This helps you burn fat and reduce calorie intake, ultimately resulting in the loss of excess weight.

Simple, isn’t it? Most people suffering from obesity or weight issues that are otherwise healthy can start our program after a doctor consultation and brief physical exam. The is very effective as it uses a very simple scientific method to tackle weight loss.The Results are always going to be better when you combine our weight loss program with regular exercises, following a diet, reducing junk food, etc. You will no longer have a craving for excess food all the time because your appetite is and your normal eating habits are considerably reduced. Our clinic has successfully helped hundreds of people reach their weight loss goals in a healthy, simple, affordable, discrete and non-disruptive way in Southern California alone!


Our Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10AM - 6PM (Same day appointments available)

Saturday: 11AM - 5PM (Same day appointments available)


Our Address:
2001 East 1st Street (Corner of 1st Street & Golden Circle)
Suite 102
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Many of our weight loss patients are also doing Hormone Replacement Therapy. The combination is very effective for losing weight. Be sure to check out our Hormone Replacement Therapy pages for more details.


To schedule an appointment, call +1 714 558 8033, (949) 272-0678 or book online here http://www.SteadyCareMedical.com


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