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Covid Protocols

NMCS Recreation Services


Covid-19 Restriction/Protocols


At this time, we cannot provide in-person services to people considered “vulnerable.”  (Please note that remote/Zoom activities are still available.) 

This includes people in the following groups or with the following conditions:


  • 65 years and older
  • Chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma
  • Serious heart conditions
  • Immunocompromised
  • Pregnant
  • Determined to be high risk by a licensed healthcare provider are considered vulnerable under Executive Order D 2020 044.
  • Additionally, if a participant resides in a home with an individual considered vulnerable, it is strongly recommended the participant not attend.


All In-person Activities:


Participants must answer a health screening questionnaire and have their temperature taken by Recreation staff before being left at the

facility/activity site.  You are not allowed to be at the facility or activity site without a health screening and temperature check.  No drop-offs

without screening allowed. 


If your temperature is above 100 degrees you will not be allowed to attend the activity.


If you have a negative answer to the health screening , you will not be allowed to attend the activity .  The exception will be the question on

out-of-state travel in the last 14 days.  At this time, this information will be maintained for future reference only.


If you are feeling at all ill or under the weather, do not attend the activity. 


Masks are required at all times during activities


Social distancing (6 ft min) is required during activities


Personal snacks (no sharing) and a personal water bottle are currently allowed.  


Restroom use is restricted to one person at a time and will be cleaned by staff after each person – including public restrooms.


Vinyl gloves will be available for certain activities where equipment may be shared.


Visitors are not allowed.


If a participant or a member of their household is diagnosed with Covid-19 Corona Virus, they need to report this immediately to the Recreation

Coordinator (720-217-8521). The participant will be require to self-quarantine for 14 days or until they have received test results indicating they

are negative for the Corona Virus. The participants that may have encountered this person will be notified, and the activity area (if in-facility) will

be closed for 72 hours.  The area will be sanitized and prepared for further group access.   The Recreation Coordinator will maintain contact with

the participants that were in the group to determine if anyone develops symptoms related to Covid-19.  The group will be notified when it is safe

to return to services.



In-facility Activities


Groups are limited to 4 participants and one staff


Recreation staff will meet participants at a designated area to complete health screening for 15 minutes prior to the activity time.


For activities at an NMCS facility, there will be a designated entry/exit for the activity – access to other parts of the building is not allowed. 


Switching chairs/seating is not allowed


Staff will clean and sanitize the area used after the activity



Community Activities


Maximum of 9 participants and 1 staff person allowed (no groups larger than 10 total)


If meeting at the activity site, you must pass the temperature and health screening with Recreation staff before being left at the site. 


You must be picked up no later than the end time of the activity. 




Transportation for community activities will be from NMCS only.


Transportation is limited to 5 participants + 1 staff in the van.


Seating will be as far apart as possible and switching seats is not allowed.


Participants will meet at a designated area in the parking lot. 


Participants are not allowed to enter the NMCS facility.


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