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A Bot That Can Assist You Cheat Hq Trivia

Are you currently really a HQ Trivia fan who is also a cheater? We now have some exciting news for you personally. A web programmer has created a bot that may present players with numerous likely answers for each question.


What is HQ?


To start with a primer. HQ is a game, maybe not reminiscent of TV gameshows like Jeopardy! Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, except never having to answer in the form of an issue and minus the studio crowd. Every day at 3pm and 9pm US time, a host walks everyone seeing via a series of 12 questions on a selection of topics. Get 12 directly, and you also win a share of the prize pot for that afternoon; on New Year's Eve, HQ gave away $18,000. Get a single question wrong, and you are out.


The most"HQ Trivia Assistant" bot is your brainchild of all 33-year-old Mike Almond. Based on Slate, this application is able to pull on the questions in the port of HQ Trivia and enter the transcript. Once the search results are dragged up, the hq bot then searches each connection's preview text to get words that are also in each answer option. The HQ Trivia helper introduces the user having a break down of. It's all predicated on percent points.


The game significantly relies on the honour system because millions of people all over the world play HQ Trivia. Of course, a lot of men and women attempt to Google the answers that are appropriate themselves the HQ Trivia Assistant can do this scheme for an inhuman rate. Slate accounts the hq bot can pull on the query, input the transcript, and suggest the appropriate responses before the questions arise on most people's screen. Nevertheless, it is not perfect.

The HQ Trivia Assistant does not do well when presented using numerals, like dates, so there's a way for the program's developers. In initial tests performed by the Beast, the helper was able to accurately answer questions about 90 percent of the moment. But following the book contacted hq trivia bot, it found that the assistant's accuracy rate dropped to roughly 40 per cent.


Which would be the rules?


You have about ten seconds to answer each query, beginning with once the host begins reading it. HQ's founders suggest this keeps the questions from being Google-able (I have found that they're right.) Split the jackpot. It carries up into the match When nobody wins.

How much money can I win?


Jackpots have been around $100, when the game surfaced in August, however they will have since ballooned to games for and $250 $ 1,000. A game will go greater, including a recent pair for a prize of $15,000. If you win, you splitting it.


You can cashout with a PayPal account. Before, the app wouldn't pay you collected $20. Now you're able to cash out whenever you want.

Which means you will have a chance to win money HQ was giving out prizes that are larger on Sunday nights, but in addition, there are people playing with.

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