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Five Wellness Tips For Travelers To Reset & Renew
  1. Earthing Ease For Jet Lag
  2. Lights Out For Sleep
  3. Sounds Of Nature
  4. Laughter Yoga
  5. Trust & Connect 


1. Earthing Ease For Jet Lag


The Problem: You’ve arrived at your destination full of excitement, awe, and.. exhaustion. Traveling across time zones and even preparing for travel can have you already feeling worn out. Jet lag is common and thankfully it’s temporary. According to  symptoms of Jet lag may include daytime fatigue, feeling unwell, digestive system disorders, difficulty staying alert, or mood swings. 


A Simple Solution: Scientists and athletic professionals like in the Tour de France know about the healing and restorative benefit is of negative electrons absorbed by Earthing/Grounding; both for jet lag and overall health, pain relief, and wellness. As soon as possible when you land find a patch of safe clean grass, bare earth or a beach to walk barefoot on. You may even use a nearby tree to put your bare hands around if no ground is available. Having contact with the bare earth or a tree for 20 minutes to an hour or bringing along indoor Earthing/Grounding products to sleep overnight on may drastically knock back the symptoms you experience in adjusting your inner clock/circadian rhythm to your new time zone. You can also use the indoor Earthing/Grounding products for short periods of time to jump-start your renewal.


2. Lights Out For Sleep!


The Problem: When traveling West to Alaska in the summer you will be arriving to the land of the midnight sun. The bright night’s sky may be a marvel, but it can quickly have you dragging your rear when you wish you were playing with your gear. The decrease in naturally produced melatonin is said to make it difficult to fall asleep why you try and may disrupt your circadian sleep rhythm. 


Simple Solution: Prepare ahead. Bring blackout sleep eye covers. If where you are going does not have blackout curtains (totally black inside the room) you can get or bring large black trash bags and masking tape to tape the dark plastic to the inside of the window behind the curtain or the blinds without harming the décor or the paint. Then you can settle into rest much quicker and not be woken up as easily as it starts to brighten, and that maybe only a few hours away if you're getting to sleep late. 


Bonus: Turn off digitals one hour before going to sleep to reduce your exposure to blue light which also triggers the delay of sleep. 



3. Sounds Of Nature


Sound is a frequency and frequencies are all around us. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and as the scientist Dr. Emoto showed with his experiments with photos of water, water absorbs sound and changes its structural shape by sound. If this is so, then could we imagine what sound may do to the waters of our bodies? 


The Problem: Travel involves lots of loud, noisy, man-made frequencies that are not necessarily harmonic (working with) the bodies' natural flow and we may feel the dissonance and simply put, not quite our best selves. 


A Simple Solution: The best be is to get yourself out and into a natural environment where you can “attune” yourself with the sounds and frequencies of nature. Take a walk along a beach, or in the woods and sit in a quiet place away from the road or loud noise. If getting outdoors is not a good option for you you can download naturally tuned, harmonic music or nature sounds and listen on your MP3 player. You may even like to listen to them while you are traveling and have moments to rest. 


4. Laugh and Be Well: You’ve likely heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine.” With the development of a self-care program called Laugh and Be Well, we now have the science and experience with using laughter strategically for the improved whole being wellness. Laughter is a universal language and can be done by almost anyone. It’s human nature. If you have a medical condition where laughter is not safe or recommended please consult with your physician before using this technique. 


The Problem: Traveling may get to feeling too serious at times with all the work that is involved it getting there and back. Stepping away from stressful schedules at home to the stress of travel may take a little bit of time to adjust and shake it off. Having a positive outlook can greatly improve the chances of success in all areas of life, including resetting to rest and renew.  


A Simple Solution: If you are traveling with others you may enjoy telling each other funny jokes or making silly faces at each other that will induce intentional and active laughter. If this is not possible or you may not be feeling creative enough to try Laughter Yoga is another great way to benefit without having to have a reason to laugh, or even having the desire.  Just a few minutes of Laughter Yoga can quickly adjust your attitude and improve your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Laughter works for you simply by doing it. 

  1. Clap your hands out in front of your heart center
  2. Stomach- focus on your stomach while clapping and laugh “ho, ho, ho.” 
  3. Chest – focus on your chest while clapping and laugh “ha, ha, ha.”
  4. Change- constantly shift back and forth between stomach and chest, up and down “ho, ho, ho,” “ha, ha, ha” “ho, ho, ho.” 
  5. Hands-on head- lay your hands on your head, laugh “he, he, he,” to clear out the mental tension in your head. 


5. Trust And Connect:


People are natural connectors. We feel most comfortable when we know we have allies nearby. 


The Problem: When traveling to a new place or somewhere that is unfamiliar we may feel uneasy or unable to fully relax in our environment without having social connectivity. Even if you fly solo and love your alone time it is a well-known fact that humans require connection and interdependence for well-being. 


A Simple Solution: 

Take a walk around your neighborhood to a local café and say hi to the barista. Talk you your neighbor in passing, visit with the front desk and say hi and let them know why you are excited to be visiting them. Developing safe trusting connections in your environment will help you to relax and renew much more quickly. 


If you feel the need to go deeper or have a hard time talking to strangers or are looking for the opportunity to see your life through new eyes or resolve problems that are bothering you you may like to hire a professional life coach where you can really be seen and heard in just the right way for you. 



These notes were written by Jennifer Crow, VIP Life Coach & Wellness Educator in Homer, Alaska. Jennifer is well traveled and versed in the language of personal transformation, self-reflection, problem-solving, conscious exploration, and natural living to name a few. She had a good sense of humor often wondering if shoe out to wear her fancy pants or her sassy pants for the day. And, sometimes she does both. 

To read more articles and receive more golden nuggets of life’s wisdom like these you may sign up for her newsletter and follow her blog at

Jennifer is also available to request a free meet and greet call and find out more about her custom VIP Day and Restorative Coaching.


Cheers & Happy Travels!

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