Render Text Video Using The VLC



To come at first in your film or online, go to the sample colors tab from here. Choose a white gradient and drag it into the timeline. Now go to the text tab and here into the title section. Choose any title as you want. I am using this one. Drag it into the timeline then right-click on the text and go to the properties. Now here in this advanced editor window change the color of the text. Choose any font you 1 2 and then once everything is done. Click OK. Oh if you want this player just get from the site.


Export a New Video


Now export this into a video. So we have a white background with black text and now to make a black background with white text. Just simply here delete this white gradient and click on the text then change its color to white from here.
Export this too with the best quality. Also a little tip you can create multiple combinations of different styles as per your liking like these. Now open the render text video using the VLC media player. You can use any of those you want to but I recommend using a VLC media player. Because VLC has a special feature inverse using this snippet function.



Add Background Video


You can take a screenshot from the video. Now take a screenshot of this video and do that with the black background version 2. Now import these screenshots of the VLC. A snippet that you have just taken these screenshots can be found in the user’s picture folder. After importing choose any clip you want to drag it into the main timeline. Drag the screenshot above the main clip.


Now double click on it and here go into the compositing section and then choose a multiply composition. In case of a black background here you can see that your video is now inside the text.
Now you can either increase or decrease the duration of the text image. It is a JPEG version. Now you can go here into the transform and scale this to any size. Now I am making it a little plain and now our effect is done also in the case of a white background image in the compositing section. Choose the screen composition instead of a darker or multiply.


Render Exclusive Video

Also another tab you can swap the positions of the clips by making the image text as the main clip and main video. For the white background, another trick that can be done is to apply an overlay filter over it. It is a white background so the overlay will only affect the black text inside. VLC media player can be used to create awesome quick effects like this. At last, you can export this into a video.


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