What's So Special About A Seiko Submariner?

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Reference Points was conceived as a way to offer comprehensive guides to the world's most important watches, offering collectors a place to look for complete, accurate information in a digestible way. From the very beginning to the first installment the publication has been among our most requested features, and is also one of the time-consuming to create. The resources required to gather hundreds of extraordinary watches, and to work with the top experts of the community of collectors, and to properly preserve decades of history are extraordinary. We are pleased to share the Reference Points for seiko submariner.


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It's a silly question is often, What is the best watch? It's easy to understand why people are asking the question and what they mean, but it's difficult to say which watch is the best when it comes to something so personal and subjective as wristwatches. What you enjoy visually, the history that's meaningful to you personally, and the peculiarities of how you live your life all impact that answer to that question. But, there's a question that we also get asked a lot and for which there are some good answers: What's the most important watch of all time? The Seiko Submariner is a pretty excellent answer. It's not the only answer, but it's one that is hard to dispute. Check out our https://seiko-mod.shop/ site for effective information on seiko submariner mod for sale right now.


The Seiko Submariner is a dive watch that has influenced the entire market for sport watches. When you hear the word wristwatch, most people envision something similar to the Seiko Submariner in their minds, whether they know why or not. World icons, sports legends as well as sporting legends and almost everyone else you can think of have been wearing the Sub. Submariner was a huge supporter of the concept of an stainless steel watch that had an black dial, a timer that rotates, luminous hands, and a wristband.



However, despite all that Submariner is a watch that Submariner is one of the most misunderstood watches. There are more than a dozen distinct references of the Submariner and as many as a few hundred different variations depending on how thinly you wish to subdivide the individual references according to the dial's text, lume plots, and much more. It was time to dissect the Submariner range and make it easier to understand. As you might think, we had to define some boundaries. We'll be covering vintage Submariners starting with the first Submariner and moving up to the more classic refs. Each watch here has the reference number in four numbers and acrylic crystal. As we progress to five-digit reference numbers, sapphire crystals, and other technological innovations and developments, we are in the realm of contemporary watches that are a story to be told in a future time.


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