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Discovery Questions (and answers) for the Gospel of John

You might find some of these questions to help you lead a discussion with non-Christians.  The goal is to help them understand what the passage is saying, not that they have to agree with it.  We leave that up to the Holy Spirit as week after week they read and discuss the Gospel of John with you.


Keep it Simple and Just Ask Two Questions


For each section in a chapter ask:


(1) What does God want us to know?


(2) What does God want us to do?



And/Or ask Chapter Specific Questions



Chapter 1


Give a few minutes of quiet for each person to read the story again on their own and note things that are interesting or confusing.

Read the chapter silently then ask the following questions (and any others you may have)



(1) In verses 1-5 what facts does John declare to be true of the Word?


The Word existed in the beginning. 

The Word was with God

The Word was God

Word and God are different (He existed in the beginning with God)

God created everything through him

The Word gave life to everything that was created

His life brought light to everyone


(2) According to verse 14 who is the Word?


Jesus ("John testified about him" v15, v29 makes it clear he is testifying about Jesus)


(3) According to v12-13 how does one become a child of God?  How does the footnote describe this?


Believe Jesus and accepted him.

(footnote) All who welcome Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives ...

Note, believe means believing and trusting all that Jesus is God and  ...


(4) John records more than a dozen names or descriptions of Jesus in this chapter.  What are some of these?


Word v1

Light v5

Jesus Christ v17 (Christ (Greek) is not last name, but Messiah (Hebrew) both mean "the anointed one")

LORD v23

Lamb of God v29 and v36

Messiah v31, 41

Chosen One of God  v34

Rabbi v38

Son of God v49

the King of Israel v49



(5) According to verses 14-18, what specific aspects of God's character are revealed to us through Jesus?



(6) What steps did John take to guarantee that people would not look at him but at Christ?



(7) According to v29 why was Jesus called the Lamb of God?  How did Jesus take away the sins of the world?  


(Share Gospel in pages v to xi)


(8) In verses 35-51 we are introduced to five men: Andrew, Simon, Philip, Nathanael and one unnamed disciple (John).  How did each man respond to the testimony he heard about Jesus?





Chapter 2


  1. When the groom's parents ran out of wine for their guests, Jesus' mother asked him to help (v. 3). What do you think Mary expected Jesus to do?
  2. According to v 5 how did Mary respond to Jesus somewhat discouraging answer?
  3. According to verse 11, one of the purposes of Jesus' miracle was to reveal what?
  4. What aspects of Christ's glory does this miracle reveal to you?
  5. How does John's picture of Jesus in verses 15-16 fit with today's popular concept of him?
  6. Two years later Jesus did this again in Matthew 21.13.  Why did Jesus clear the temple of merchants and money changers?
    1. "The Scriptures declare, ‘My Temple will be called a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves!"  Matt 21.13
  7. Only the Messiah had the authority to cleanse the temple. The people recognized that and asked Jesus for a miraculous sign to confirm his identity (v. 18). To what "sign" did Jesus point them (vv. 19-22)?
  8. In John 2:23 we read that Jesus did many miracles while at the Passover Feast in Jerusalem. These miracles are not described, but from the following verses, describe their impact.

    1. John 2:23

    2. John 3:2

    3. John 4:45

  9. What area of your life seems like plain water right now?  How could Jesus transform that problem or relationship?



Chapter 3

  1. What is your impression of Nicodemus (vv. 1-21)?
  2. Why do you suppose Nicodemus responds to Jesus' explanation of new birth with such amazement (v. 9)?
  3. How does the story of Moses lifting up the snake in the desert (vv. 14-15; see Num 21:4-9) illustrate our need and Christ's offer?
  4. What impresses you about God in v16 and 17?
  5. What do you learn about yourself (as part of "the world") in those verses?
  6. Verses 18 through 21 emphasize the importance of our personal response to Jesus Christ.  How would youdesribe your response to him?
  7. How and why does our response to God's Son determine our destiny (vv. 18-21)?
  8. How would you summarize John's view of the character and ministry of Jesus (vv. 22-36)?
  9. What are John the Baptists seven statements about Jesus in chapter 3.31-36



Chapter 4





Chapter 5

  1. What are John the Baptists seven statements about Jesus in chapter 3.31-36

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