What is CCTV and How Does It Do It?
Closed-circuit television


You run a small business in the city of Main Street. You will see a lot of foot traffic in the evening, particularly during the late time of night. You can't sleep and turn to the news at 3 am. The anchor says that looters are "breaking into" to your business. It's hard to believe what you see, your heart sinks.


Are you thinking about what you have done? A CCTV camera should have been installed.


You might be wondering, what exactly is CCTV and how it work. In this guide we'll cover everything you need to be aware of CCTV. Your business and you will be thankful that you took the time to read this guide. Keep reading to learn more about this security method.


What Is CCTV and How Does It Function?

Closed Circuit Television stands for CCTV. In contrast to traditional television, CCTV is a closed-loop system in which everything broadcast is kept in the house. CCTV recordings are not broadcast over the public airwaves.


Security is the main purpose of CCTV. A lot of bars, restaurants as well as schools, restaurants, banks, country clubs, and homes rely on CCTV to guard their property. While the security system may not be able to stop the criminal, it will prevent crime from happening in the first place.


When CCTV first made its debut on the security scene, live footage was its primary feature. It quickly evolved into a recording device. Now, we can secure the premises in real-time and examine archived footage.


There are many reasons why we need to keep an eye out for our surroundings. A lot of homes use CCTV camera to protect their loved ones. Installing a camera on the outside of your home in various ways can drastically reduce the possibility of something dangerous happening.


You can also think to put in CCTV security cameras inside your home as well. The purpose of this is to record footage of intruders. A CCTV camera is needed for any strangers who are who are working in your home or babysitter.



CCTV Types


There are three types of CCTV systems available: grid-powered, simple, and also with recording. Let's start by comparing analog and digital CCTV cameras and the way they function.




Our DVR is connected to an analog video camera. The DVR takes in the data and stores it on hard disk. This is extremely beneficial since we can return to look over the recorded footage.


Digital (IP).


Digital systems bring us up-to-date with CCTV. The system itself is a bit more involved and costly, however it is worth the cost at the end. It operates the same way as an analog, but instead of a DVR, we've got an NVR, a the network video recorder.


Camera replaces DVR which reduces the security. It is now possible to remotely monitor our footage on the internet. Our phone will alert us in the event of an emergency.


Simple CCTV


A CCTV system simply a camera and monitor. One or more cameras can connect to a display using coax cable. The power source is the monitor and feeds it to the camera.


Grid Powered CCTV


A grid-powered CCTV system can be an ideal option when power is a problem. With a grid powered CCTV system, we no longer rely on the monitor to provide the power. The grid supplies power to both the camera and monitor.


Recording CCTV


Recording CCTV systems take advantage of the most advanced technology and allow you to view your footage later using DVR or NVR. Our footage can be archived on hard drives, making it easier to retrieve later. This is particularly useful for authorities.


CCTV Benefits


Unfortunately, crime is not going to go away any time soon. It is imperative to be secure and protected at all times. A CCTV system provides us with security from burglars and other suspicious activity.


While CCTV equipment is available at a range of costs, the cost is well worth it. You'll be content knowing to have a security system in place for your company and employees. Digital CCTV systems give us a piece of mind knowing we have access to our home anytime, if need be.


Secure and safe


Now , you're well-versed with the various aspects of CCTV. You can be confident that your property and/or business is safe. It's not necessary to ask what CCTV is and what it does.


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