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 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has come long way from its inception and successfully driving global companies towards deploying their business critical applications on cloud, says Ravi Namboori an IT evangelist. Global companies specifically IT sector has been extensively using cloud computing in the recent years. Growing data volumes and management of mission critical applications have increased complexities and resulted in increased capital and operational costs for organizations.

Reaping the best from recent cloud computing innovations, business managers are choosing cloud deployments over conventional in-house data centers.

Computing the data on cloud proved to be very cost effective method and cloud has range of services fitting to individual needs of small, medium and large businesses.

Cloud computing offers wide range of business benefits to users and eases the critical business processes and enable companies to have cap on their operational expenses.

Emphasizing further on cloud computing benefits.


Cost Effective

Spending on technology infrastructure will be drastically reduced if you opt for Pay-as-you-Go business model in which you end up paying only for what you use (monthly, quarterly, and yearly) says Ravi Namboori a data center expert.


Reduced Support and Infrastructure Needs

Moving business critical applications on to cloud will rule out the task of software upgrading regularly as the same is carried by cloud service providers which enables companies to cut down their spending on in-house IT personnel.



Being a managed service platform, cloud computing is much more reliable when compared to traditional in-house IT infrastructure. Most of the cloud service providers offer service level agreements guaranteeing 99.99% uptime. Huge number of redundant IT staff will be supporting to keep your data and applications available all the time and enable you to perform speedier business operations.


Ease of Application Management

Due to its centralized administration of resource capability, cloud computing is on a par with conventional in-house IT infrastructure, specifically when it comes to simplifying and enhancing IT maintenance and management capabilities.  SLA’s and vendor managed resource services offered by cloud computing placed it on top of a favorite list for many business managers. User enjoys much more facilities than what they actually pay for.



Cloud environment enables collaborative communication platforms for users and helps them to communicate easily with their employees working in different locations. Project files and data shared on cloud will be accessible to employees, stake holders and advisors working from different locations.

Cloud computing gives you a competitive edge and keeps you a step-a-ahead when compared to your competitors in the market, says Ravi Namboori. It enables you to focus more on key business objectives and activities rather than spending your time on technology and operational aspects. You can focus more on marketing your products and services aggressively in the competitive markets.

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