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 Choose The Best Industrial Grommet Machine



A Grommet press sets personal-piercing grommets/cleaners in to many other stuff, laminate, fabrics, foam core boards and paper. Using a 2-piece grommet established, just put your material between the TWO push the handle down and die items in your media machine. Because our presses use self-piercing grommets, you place the grommets in this one simple measure and can punch the hole. The throat of the loop punches at a hole in the material and is thrown in to the washer to generate a firm hold in just one stage.


Selecting a Grommet press:


Grommet presses are simple machines to use, therefore some may think that it doesn’t matter what device they get; they’re all the nevertheless, this is incorrect. This equipment can be obtained for low volume (in simple desk top hand-presses), moderate volume (with spring-loaded technologies therefore minimum pressure is necessary to set the eyelets/cleaners) and high-volume (air-driven presses that get connected to an air-compressor and are operated with a foot-pedal).


Low Volume Handpresses:


The CSTEP-1 is the right hand-press for reduced-volume use at-home for a small-office or. Thousands of CSTEP-1 that is world-wide proprietors have been enjoying their easy and user-friendly machin for years. The practive of using a sort for manual grommet application is a point of the past with this option that is small and cost-effective; a must have for all sign stores that are little! It features 1-3 ” neck level and encourage self-striking loops: #00 3/16” ”, ¼, #0 /16 ”, #2 3/8 ” that are


The CSTEP 2 Complex Press is a new and complex press for -volume work. An advanced European designed handle helps reduce the force needed to use eyelets while the soft -grip offers relaxation that is increased. A throat depth that is enlarged offers versatility in the placement of grommets as deep as 4-1/4”. It'll accept self-piercing grommets: #00 3/16”, #0 ¼”, #1 5/16”, #2 3/8”, #3 7/16” and #5.5 11/16”, with the corresponding dies.View source for more information about automatic grommet machine now.


Moderate Volume Presses with Help:


The CSTON-1 is a “ stroking media features a spring-loaded handle that needs minimum pressure. On this machine the die truly “ the eyelet is ”ed by taps so that it rolls to fasten over the washer. The tension spring makes more or less force is tapped with by it, depending on the substance. With some substances that are thicker, a second pull is mandatory for a fastening that is snug, but this is very seldom required.


High- Volume Pneumatic Presses:


The improved and new CSPIC-2 is the supreme pneumatic. Its gifted procedure will raise efficiency and save in labor costs. The operator will be protected by a complex security system while not interfering with the speed or work load. A pneumatic foot peddle activates the media, requiring no human-pressure other than a tap of the foot. This not only makes the job more easy for the operator, but also provides pressure that is consistent throughout the job, so you can get a perfect results every time. It will work with any small air compressor (not included). The CSPIC 2 will manage all self- piercing grommets sizes. It quantifies 41.1” x 19.7” x 14.2” and weighs about 50 lbs. Comes standard using 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee.


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