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sodium bicarbonate as well as cancer cells: a possible cancer cells remedy?

Our recent reviews have attracted up upsetting information concerning the use of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) for the therapy of cancer. To bring up a history, the use of baking soda cancer cure dosage was popularized by Tullio Simoncini who claimed that cancer is caused by a fungus and is basically an disease -- a way of thinking which people believe is over simplified. However, this notion immediately gained acceptance worldwide in the realm of natural medicine options. There was a clear connection between germs and cancer both may actually thrive in the exact same environment and might help each other grow. However, to state that you is the other and vice-versa can be a simplification that's defied scientific proof. Simoncini was convicted with the Italian courts and his medical license retreated following having a sodium bicarbonate treatment was directly linked to the passing of a breast cancer patient.


It will take extensive research to uncover the real truth, but by what we understand we understand that the usage of sodium bicarbonate can result in a mineral imbalance in the body that can interrupt the human body's biochemistry. There is a good theory that it may foster the growth of cancer. Therefore, until more definitive information can be obtained, we would urge patients to keep from the temptation of working with sodium bicarbonate. This is particularly important for everybody to know, since sodium bicarbonate is such a ubiquitous and cheap item, for sale in almost every kitchen shelf from the earth.


Most notably is really a written report by the Mayo Clinic suggesting that late stage fungal infections triggered by cancer or with cancer, might react favorably to baking-soda therapies. Mayo Clinic is one of the main researchers in cancer research, and so are perhaps not the only method to turn their attention on sodium bicarbonate and its potential.


Early study due to the Mayo Facility studied fungal diseases of the gastro intestinal tract and discovered it imitates cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. The ringworm, Basidiobolus ranarum, is typically found in the soil, decaying organic matter and the gastrointestinal tracts of reptiles, fish, amphibians, and bats, and reacted considerably to an antifungal therapy that included sodium bicarbonate. Johns Hopkins has dedicated many research hours and dollars toward its own analysis. Employing the drug itraconazole (used to treat bladder disease) was found to block angiogenesis, which might be the arteries used to nourish cancerous tumors. Angiogenesis is a key and vital link to preventing cancer growth and the use of an antifungal (such as baking soda therapy) reduced blood vessel growth by 67 percent.


Research continues to be ongoing, however, the major discovery has been the unmitigated and significant consequences when cancer had been treated as being a catalyst. One of the causes that John Hopkins University and Hosptial have been studying this relationship for many years could be the increased variety of severe fungal infections in patients with neoplastic diseases. While they are lightyears away from a confirmed baking soda cancer cure dosage, the first results are reassuring.


Dr. Tullio Simoncini is one of the pioneers in regards to discussing cancer and the usage of baking soda to both prevent and treat it. His existing theory implies that cancer acts like a yeast overgrowth gone haywire. He has received significant success with many of his baking-soda cancer cure.


Sometimes it appears to be that the intellect of the ancients shouldn't be overlooked when searching for a cure for something as deadly and catastrophic as cancer. Baking soda was used throughout the ages to help people get through the worst health problems. By way of instance, there was evidence to show that the early Egyptians used a form of baking soda to take care of all sorts of disorders; from fungal infections into upset stomachs.

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