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Mitsubishi Motor Sales

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Essay “Mitsubishi Motor Sales: Implementing Customer Relationship Management Systems”

Mitsubishi Motor SalesToday, many companies tend to implement customer relationship management systems in order to improve their marketing position. In this respect, it should be said that the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty turn out to be crucial to the overall success of the implementation of CRM systems. The Mitsubishi Motor is not an exception in this regard and the implementation of new CRM system has already proved its efficiency. In fact, the company is mainly concerned with the provision of customers to communicate with agents of the company by means of the call center. In such a way, the call center becomes a strategically important part of the company-customer relationship because the company attempts to demonstrate its openness and readiness to help customers when they need such assistance. At the same time, the company attempts to optimize the functioning of its call center using new technologies which increase the efficiency of the work of its call centers. Moreover, the company outsources these services which leads to the increase of efficiency of call services, on the one hand, and saves costs the company spends on the call centers, on the other. In such a way, Mitsubishi Motor manages to combine the high quality of services with high customer satisfaction and efficient communication between the company and customers.

It proves beyond a doubt that both Mitsubishi Motor and its customers benefit from the CRM system introduced by the company. In actuality, customers can get all the information they need about the company services and products, while making a call to the company’s call center. In such a way, customers can save time and get the information they need. At the same time, the company can develop the customer loyalty as customers are satisfied with the quality of services, while the availability of the company makes customers interested in the further use of Mitsubishi’s services. In this respect, it should be said that the company increases the customer satisfaction with relatively low costs since the outsourcing has decreased spending of the company on call centers, while their efficiency has increased substantially, namely, call center handle 38 percent more volume of phone calls, with an even staffing level. At the same time, the customer satisfaction rate rose by 8 percent. In addition, the cost per call has decreased by about two-thirds.

Obviously, all these changes prove the efficiency of Mitsubishi Motor’s CRM system. This is why it is possible to estimate that the introduction of the new CRM system by Mitsubishi Motor was absolutely right decision. In this respect, it is important to take into consideration not only financial benefits of the company, but also the customer satisfaction. In actuality, the customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors that influences substantially the competitive position of the company in the market. Taking into consideration the fact that Mitsubishi Motor operates in a highly competitive environment, the increase of customer satisfaction due to its CRM system proves that the introduction of this system was the correct decision.

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