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Bakersfield Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaning
Vacuuming your floors is a regular maintenance task, but are you doing it correctly? Find tips to do it effectively with this post by Bakersfield Cleanpro in Bakersfield, CA. 

How to Vacuum Your Carpets Clean

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Pick the Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

You can't expect to have a thoroughly clean carpet if you don't have the right tools to make that happen. For that reason, the first tip to vacuum your carpets effectively is to have a vacuum cleaner that can help you out. To that end, you will have to analyze the type of carpet you have. Consider the carpet's size, the material it's made with, the length of its hairs, and how much usage it endures. With these variables, you'll be able to choose a vacuum that has the right suction power, attachments, features, and more.

Vacuum Your Carpets On a Regular Basis

A key tip to ensure that your carpets stay as clean as possible, is that you vacuum the on a regular basis. This will help you prevent the accumulation of dust and other nasty elements, that will make cleaning your floors more difficult. As Vacuums Guide says, you should vacuum once a week to get rid of dead skin cells, organisms, other nastiness living on your floors. To make this task less overwhelming, create a carpet cleaning schedule in which you designate a day of the week to go over one section in your house (e.g. on Mondays vacuum the living room).

Prepare for Your Vacuuming Sessions

To have smoother, easier, and more effective vacuuming sessions, you should prepare for them fully. This includes emptying out  and cleaning the dust bag, so you can have a fresh start. Likewise, attach the right nozzle to the vacuum to be as thorough as you can. Lastly, you should prepare the room you'll be vacuuming. For example, pick up any items (like shoes or toys) that you have lying around. It's also recommended that you move the furniture around so you can vacuum uninterrupted.

Vacuum Your Floors Appropriately

To make your carpeted floors completely clean when you vacuum, you can't just simply pass the vacuum cleaner over them and call it a day. You need to use the appropriate vacuuming technique. Said technique entails going over one spot in your carpet a few times over and in different directions before moving on to the next one. Do this slowly to ensure you're able to pick up as much dirt, dust, trash, and other gunk that's on your floors.

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Try to Do a Thorough Job

For your carpets to be truly clean after your vacuuming sessions, you need to do a thorough job. To be a thorough vacuumer, you need to take a few steps. For one, you need to vacuum every nook and cranny of your carpeted floors. In some cases, this will require you to move furniture around so you can reach the floor that's underneath them. It's also necessary that you use the appropriate nozzle attachments so you can lift dirt as much as you can.

Be Careful About Your Vacuuming Practices

Something to keep in mind about your vacuuming practices is that you shouldn't get too carried away. For one, you will have to be very careful when you're vacuuming. If you think being rough will result in a cleaner carpet, think again. This can actually cause the fibers to get damaged. As stated above, you should ensure that you clean your carpet once a week. Be careful, however, as more isn't better here. Going overboard with how many times you clean your carpet, can actually loosen it up because of the vacuum's suction power.

Don't Leave Traces Behind

Last but not least, if you want to keep your rooms as clean as possible after you've vacuumed them, you will need to be finish cleaning them in a strategic manner. For example, if you don't want to leave footprints behind on your freshly vacuumed carpeted floors, you will have to vacuum your way out of it. Another strategy is to vacuum the floors while barefoot or with socks, so as to not soil the floors you're trying to clean.

Call Bakersfield Cleanpro at (661) 622-2266 if you require professional carpet cleaning in Bakersfield, CA.

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