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 LED Toilet Light: 2x Battery Life Along With Anti-Germ Toilet Night Light!

In case the desire to pee in the middle of the night gets you stumbling and fumbling, a new enlightening product may be your saving grace. IllumiBowl is a device that makes a difference in a bathroom.




The IllumiBowl is really a night light made specifically for the lighted toilet seat. You strap it to both sides and it casts a soft light in your bowl. For all those late night urine runs, this luminous beacon is an alternate to flipping on a jarring overhead light, and also directs sleepyheads into the exact point of relief.


GlowBowl attaches discretely to the best toilet night light, changing a dark bathroom to a welcoming space even at the middle of the night. With a choice of seven vibrant colours, the product is designed to appeal to seniors who may require a light for nighttime toilet visits and family members old and young -- people just learning to use the bathroom.


If that wasn't sufficient, the IllumiBowl offers a rainbow of colors to pick from, so you can find the colour that contrasts with you best. It's also motion activated and simple.


Some folks may recognize this contraption from a episode of Shark Tank, the ABC series where entrepreneurs present their own inventions to industry titans hungry to invest in the next great idea.


Toilet seats with Nightlight help guide you safely and easily, even on the darkest nights. Nightlight features two unique LED bulbs that illuminate your bathroom in a soft glow. It is perfect for children, seniors, or anybody who wants to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.




The dual LED lighting on Nightlight is designed to provide optimum light intensity for guidance without even bothering your nighttime vision. No need to turn a switch and brace yourself to the unpleasant toilet light which stuns your eyes.


Pick between two brightness levels for the task light that illuminates the bowl once the lid has been raised along with the guiding light which illuminates the bathroom when the lid is down.


2 lights are better than one

The guiding light, situated in the chair's hinge, is visible with the lid down. A glow endeavors onto the tank of the toilet when entering the bathroom, so users can easily observe the toilet area. Using the lid users can observe the task light emitting the bowl.



How it Works


Only stick it on the outside of your lighted toilet seat and forget about it. It'll turn itself on when you walk in and off once you leave. It is modest simple, and clean. State and Modern layout of the art making means your IllumiBowl will light up your bathroom for years and years.




Night light runs automatically onto a seven-hour cycle so you don't have to be concerned about leaving it on during the day or turning it on every night. With the push of a button, then you plan the cycle, every night and also the Night light will trigger at precisely the identical time. The slender, non toilet works on four "AA" batteries for up to six months, so you don't need to manage messy cords or wires which add clutter in your toilet.


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