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 Bathroom Seat: 8 Colors Led Toilet Light Sensor Motion Activated

That light will be the made with new technology. The toilet night light of IllumiBowl is just that; a means for you to find your path to the bathroom in the middle of the night, without the need to turn on harsh overhead lighting that is bright.


How does IllumiBowl work?


The lighting is battery powered with 3 AAA batteries and is still obviously water resistant. So that when you approach the bathroom, the light will turn on its own own, it's got a built in light and motion detector, and cycle through several fun colours. You may also select one colour or fix brightness. The lighting powers down back to preserve battery life once the motion stops.



Can IllumiBowl fit my bathroom?


You might be asking yourself how the lighting attaches to a bathroom and if you require specific tools or adapters. The solution is no. The box hold the batteries as well as the movement sensor and this is put outside the bowl, aimed at the door. The light is attached to a flexible arm that you bend to fit over the rim of the bowl. You will not even need tools!


The mild sensations shadow levels so it will only turn on at night, as it sees motion.


Why would I want a bathroom nightlight?


If you're wondering why you may need best toilet night light, the answer likely is that you don't need one. However, it's one of the gadgets that's really helpful when you've got it.


For those men, it's a nice way to keep the target on goal without having to turn on blinding lights at nighttime. For us women, it's just nice to have some light to show us the way. Since it's both fun and helpful to allow them to look at, for kids, it is absolutely brilliant.


How to I clean IllumiBowl?


The mild wipes easily using a cloth and a few gentle cleaner.


Auto-sensing system - The bathroom night lighting turns on automatically when you approach the bathroom (in two meters) in dark, and turns off after you depart. It is extremely suitable for you and your loved ones to go to bathroom at night.


8-Color Light Emission - The 8 colours (Red, orange, blue, green, purple, purple, white and pink) can change randomly (each color for 15 seconds) and then turn off automatically. You can repairing the toilet light if you want a certain color and 2 minutes then it will turn off automatically.




Energy-saving and helpful - The best toilet night light which makes it simple to access your bathroom through the auto-sensing device, smart and considerate.


Effortless to install - Simply hang the toilet bowl light on the side of your toilet with the flexible arm, no need to use a sticker.


Where to work with - The toilet night light can be used extensively, such as corridor, home websites, hotel lobby, hotel rooms, leisure and amusement, exhibition halls and so on. It is not only toilet seat light, but also a beautiful night lighting. You may use it everywhere you would like.


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