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 Illumibowl Toilet Night Light Review

Searching for a fun and very affordable way to potty train your toddler? There is nothing worse that going at midst of the night to the toilet, just to be blinded by turning on the on the light. Oh wait, there's something worse. Potty training. Illumibowl was made to help families.


IllumiBowl is really a interesting new apparatus that turns on once you walk through the door and illuminates the led toilet light review with a vibrant LED light. After a quick and readily attachment into your toilet, you can set the lighting to get a single colour of your choice or allow it to cycle through a string of colors on fold (Red, Orange, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Pink, White).



IllumiBowl uses 3 AAA batteries and discreetly attaches to the bathroom with Suction cups. We have to replace the batteries and have used the unit for many months! The light is only going to turn on in the dark and can illuminate when you walk into the toilet so you don't have to be concerned about battery drain. The plastic casing makes it keep clean and very easy to wipe down, click here now.


We found that the best toilet night light really useful in potty training that our 2-year-old son. He was very excited to take a seat on the bathroom and try to 'go potty', it was almost like a reward to find lights' cycle. As he would sit on the patiently waiting for the lights to change, it also maintained his stress levels down, and each parent knows that of the struggle of potty training is currently keeping your children sitting on the bathroom. As to activate the movement detection when he needed to potty during the day, the lights in the toilet would shut off.


Illumibowl Features

* Motion-activated


* Fits any toilet


* Sets to color-rotate or single-color (8 color options)


* Sanitary layout: easy to clean


* 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact the manufacturer for a replacement or help should you ever experience any issues with your IllumiBowl. For life.




IllumiBowl: Anti Germ struggles toilet bacteria with the power of lighting! Utilizing anti bacterial germ bulb IllumiBowl blasts energy for 15 seconds after each 2 routine minute cycle and after per day for 2 minutes straight.


The Science


The Anti-Germ IllumiBowl blasts highly focused 470 nanometer light waves to resist the most frequent germs found in your led toilet light review. Exposure to this wavelength for 2 minutes supplies the power to cause substantial harm to common toilet bacteria's receptors. Throughout the last decade numerous research (See list of Studies below) have been released proving the effectiveness of utilizing specific wavelengths of both non-UV blue spectrum light to destroy and fight common bacteria. This technology has been used in cutting edge hospital programs and is available for use on your toilet! No demand for UV-C beams that are damaging.




Development, Testing and Research


Significant research and development went into developing the Anti-Germ toilet. It took two years of refining engineering, development, laboratory tests, and prototyping in order to get here but we eventually have pinpointed it!


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