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 Illumibowl Is The Toilet Nightlight

The Illumibowl is really a motion-activated, color-changing best toilet night light. Alright, it is a novelty, but let's be real: Who would not want a disco night light inside his or her toilet?




The Illumibowl comes in a box half the size of a deck of cards. I obtained three review, to four work with, and also give to friends. It's a remarkably simple design--basically just a small white plastic box with a battery compartment (3 AAA batteries not included), a rounded motion sensor, and a few suction cups around back.


The left side of this plastic housing has just one small, clickable button which enables you to select which color you desire. Until you press on it, the led toilet light review will cycle through eight distinct colours. They're bizarre to see and beautiful.


The fancy color-changing light is a 5mm LED capable of lasting 100,000 hours of usage, technically supplying years of light entertainment. It's attached to the peak of the device by an apartment, flexible cable that has approximately 2-3" of idle. This allows you to wrap the cable on the top of your best toilet night light. In addition, there's a plastic clip to hold.



The Illumibowl easily sticks to a ceramic throne thanks to four tiny suction cups on the rear of the plastic housing. At the LED cord's end, another suction cup are available for positioning within the rim of the bathroom. Gross? Indeed--so don't forget to clean first.


Using It


Measure 1. For a proper Illumibowl evaluation, I suggest shocking during a home party feeling roughly twice as following your wedding reception that is last. To a knees , immediately fall for the best results. I'm not sure what will if this does not activate the motion sensor. Utilize the newfound lighting to find the toilet bowl.




Step 2: Straddling your porcelain totem, wait and watch until the Illumibowl light switches to glowing green, a color so neon it looks like toxic waste. By now, The Weeknd's summertime hit Can't Feel My Face should be playing in the background.


Step 3: Expel the tempest in your stomach and revel in the relaxing (yet eerie) mood light and surrounding party noise, all while you relive your regretful minutes from the past six hours.


Step 4: Flush and pass out. Illumibowl aurora borealis will shut off alone.




It guides me to toilet seat without alerting me at the middle of the evening. It gives mild amusement during the most fundamental of bodily functions to everyone. There are a few glitches, as you may expect. I received, you'd molded plastic blocking the button, which demanded a few screwdriver whittling to fix. Minor inconveniences such as these are a little cost to pay to come.


You are able to finally find the bathroom in all is colorful, luminous glory. Utilizing high tech motion detectors, the light turns off and on as soon as you enter the room. You are able to set it to the colour of your pick - a gentle, calming blue or perhaps a romantic reddish - or you can let the LED do the work using its color-rotate mode with eight hues to relish. You wow your guests if they walk into utilize the facilities, with a light show bonus for their time.


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