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 Toilet Night Light- It's Totally Comfortable

If you're attempting to make potty training much more entertaining for your child, want to pee in a power cut, or even the bathroom light is just too dazzling when you've woken up at the wee hours, this led toilet light review is the perfect alternative. This gadget is activated by motion, and therefore you don't need to worry about buying a change from the dark, and it has five brightness settings.




If you can not bear to have anything in your toilet that does not match the décor, even in case you can't really tell in the darkness, then do not despair - the motion activated toilet night lighting has seven different static colour modes, so it is possible to pick one which suits your style. You can pimp up your porcelain by setting it into brilliant appealing aqua, vibrant purple, refreshing vivid crimson blue or cheerful yellow. Instead, disco kings and queens will enjoy illuminating their throne utilizing the colour cycling function. Click this link: harneymfg for details.


Easy to fit on the side of any WC, because of its flexible arm and functional suction cups, that the toilet night light is watertight and easy to wipe clean. Light-sensitive to make certain that your toilet does not keep attempting to catch the limelight in daylight, this motion activated best toilet night light is capable of shining majestically for around 30,000 hours, so it's a lot more than only a flash in the pan.


The IllumiBowl is a motion activated night light that illuminates your bathroom when you enter the area in the dark.


1. Colors!


So many pretty colors! Which one will you choose you accompany your 3% peeing?


2. The Light Is Soft


If you have ever experienced the hell of a light turning on after you have been sleeping/swaddled in darkness, you will be delighted to know the IllumiBowl is really a gentle light that wont have you re like a new born kitten searching for the bowl. It's easy on the eyes once you go at the middle of the night so you do not have to be amazed into endurance.


3. If You Pee Standing Up, You Can't Miss


The IllumiBowl will save the other innocent victims on your own life from watching your urine splashed all around the place in the daytime -- or even worse, stepping inside.


4. It's Simple to Install


The IllumiBowl simply clips onto your best toilet night light, very similar to a soap dispenser. So won't seem garish on your bathroom meanwhile, it's discreet and small. If you are not convinced yet then you definitely do not end up to pee during the night which frequently.


5. It's Motion Activated


As stated previously, it has motion activated. It also looks like a portal? So it's possible to imagine the wondrous places that your urine is currently traveling to as you relieve yourself.


More Power: AA batteries comprise 3X the power capability of AAA batteries. Updating to AA batteries just marginally increased the body dimensions but provides the Anti-Germ IllumiBowl the power it has to blast off the germs on your toilet seat day following day.


Longer Battery Life: Not just did using AA batteries provide the Anti Germ IllumiBowl the needed power to fight your toilet's batteries. It should also boost the longevity of your battery life. Potentially lasting around 2X!


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